One of the most crucial parts in a passenger car’s steering system is without question the steering linkage

The steering linkage connects the front wheels, enabling them to move in a functional way.
If the steering linkage in a vehicle isn’t working properly, then safety can be compromised with an increased risk of the vehicle rolling over while cornering.
A damaged steering linkage can also affect the performance of the tyres or when braking.
Given the importance of the steering linkage, it is critical that cars are fitted with high quality parts, which TRW says is where its replacement parts range comes in.
TRW says its steering linkage components are built to the highest original equipment standards, are corrosion resistant and lightweight.
The wide and varied product range consists of over 4,800 steering and suspension parts, from stabiliser links and tie-rod ends to front and rear toe links, idler arms, pitman arms and bellows.
The corrosion resistant stabiliser links made
from glass-fibre reinforced plastic deliver reduced weight and damping vibrations. Alternatively,
TRW also has available proven steel steering linkages.
The tie-rod ends use a two-seat design as standard, which means there is no need for a spring, thus extending the life of the part.
With the right components correctly fitted, a vehicle will deliver superior performance and stability, it will resist roll-overs and its tyre function will be maximised with minimal vibrations.
TRW steering linkage components are available through ZF Aftermarket.

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