The company is set to make its debut at the AAAExpo

Sterling Parts is proud to announce it will be an exhibitor at the long-awaited Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo (AAAExpo) in 2022.
Sterling Parts says it welcomes the opportunity to take part in this significant event amongst 250 leading brands and key players of the performance automotive aftermarket industry in Australia, Oceania and the broader Pacific region.
As part of its debut at the AAAExpo, Sterling Parts will be showcasing its brand, services and a range of premium quality aftermarket replacement parts from over 40 worldwide brands.
Sterling Parts has also announced that for some lucky visitors, there will be surprise giveaways.
Sterling Parts also prides itself on being its client’s first point of call for high quality and reliable parts, which it says rivals and at times even surpasses that of the original equipment manufacturers (OEM).
At this year’s AAAExpo, Sterling Parts will take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on MECHS; its premium suspension range.
Sterling Parts says its team has developed MECHS to provide customers with the highest quality aftermarket suspension products at an affordable price, built to outperform the competition and rival their OEM.
MECHS has a wide range of control arms for all vehicle makes and models designed for ease of installation and to save time for the installer.
Sterling Parts says all MECHS control arms are manufactured with OE-equivalent materials and manufacturing technology, making them fundamentally strong while providing better wear characteristics, longer service life and improved customer confidence.
It says the MECHS range of strut mounts are manufactured with high quality OE Duro rubber and is supplied with ultra-low friction bearings, to provide exceptional longevity along with reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) resulting in a smoother driving experience.
While some strut mounts are known to fail sooner than others, Sterling Parts says its high quality MECHS strut mounts are built to withstand Australian roads and conditions.
Whatever your needs are, Sterling Parts says it is confident you can always rely on MECHS for exceedingly exceptional suspension that assures sharper steering, better handling, more grip and less body roll.

If you are looking for premium quality suspension at an affordable price for your vehicle or business, or if you want to find out more about the MECHS range of parts, Sterling Parts invites you to visit it at the AAAExpo on Stand F51.

If you are unable to make it to the Expo, you can visit for more information.