Following recent research, Sterling Parts is seeking to help customers save time and make more money

Sterling Parts says it has observed that apart from its obvious impacts, COVID-19 has brought about some noticeable on the ground changes within the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Industry.
Sterling Parts has undertaken research into the impacts of COVID-19 and emergent consumer trends over the past year by conducting surveys at multiple times between 2020 and 2021. 
After conducting this market research and listening to its customers, Sterling Parts says it has confirmed a significant trend and shift in preference towards digital engagement and online ordering.
In response to this trend, the company has stated that it has accelerated its investment in online ordering and catalogue improvements. 
From this research, Sterling Parts has identified the importance for its customers to be doing what they do best instead of spending time on the phone ordering parts. 
Sterling Parts says when customers order online, their orders go direct to its warehouse team’s RDS, taking out unnecessary human contact with their order requirements and all orders are then picked and packed in time for scheduled deliveries. 
Sterling Parts’ research has also confirmed that stock availability is even more important during these times. 
Sterling Parts says it works closely with its manufacturers to add new products to its range, and its warehouse teams are kept busy with multiple containers arriving on a weekly basis ensuring there is sufficient stock on the shelf to fulfil customer needs.
The company has also heard from its customers that they would like a greater degree of interactions with Sterling Parts.
Hearing their feedback, Sterling Parts will be attending the 2022 AAA Expo in Melbourne where its team looks forward to spending valuable time with customers and promoting its range.

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