Burson Auto Parts says it offers STM Oil Pumps for every workshop

One the most popular pumps in the Burson Auto Parts range is the STM 20 Litre Gear Oil Pump.
This pump can be complemented with STM’s specially threaded drum adaptors, which are unique to STM and have been designed and engineered to suit most plastic and metal drums.
Equipped with a 1.5 metre anti-kink hose, anti-drip nozzle and drain back nozzle holder, as well as a ground shaft with an ‘O’ ring seal, this pump is a highly reliable choice for the pumping of gear oil, engine oil and hydraulic oil.
The STM Australia range of Air Operated Portable Oil Transfer Kits are available from Burson Auto Parts with either 3:1 or 5:1 specification pumps depending on your workshop requirements.
A drum trolley is included and fitted with heavy duty wheels and castors ensuring high mobility and efficiency in transporting 20, 60 or 205 litre drums safely. This kit from Burson Auto Parts includes a digital oil nozzle and a four metre connection hose. The complete set can also be fitted with a hose reel if required.
Burson Auto Parts says draining oil is made far more efficient with STM Australia’s Oil Drainer.
This product drains waste oil by gravity from engines, gear boxes and differentials of all vehicles. A valve is fitted to the collection bowl to allow the inspection of drained oil before it enters the reservoir. An air operation function ensures the easy removal of oil from tanks.
This oil drainer is equipped with a collection bowl fitted with a mesh tray and is available in 65 litre and 90 litre capacities.

The Burson Auto Parts oil pump offering also includes the popular STM Australia Rotary Action Pump.
This widely used pump is suitable for 205 litre drums and comes with a two inch bung adaptor and a three piece steel suction pipe. It is suitable for both motor oil and diesel. The pump is made of solid cast iron and is also available with a hose if required.
The STM Australia Tom Thumb Oil Pump is a well known original product from STM Australia. Typically used for outboard and two stroke motors, chain saws, motor vehicles and
DIY applications, it is most suited for reaching difficult oiling points.
With a one litre capacity, Burson Auto Parts says Tom Thumb is handy to carry around especially with its integrated carry handle. This product features a 500mm long PVC hose and spout, aluminium construction along with a nylon head and handle for durability. It can be used for a wide range of fluids including all oils, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, upper cylinder lubricant and hand cleaners.
Whatever the oil or workshop equipment requirement, Australia’s Burson Auto Parts says it has the perfect solution for all Australian workshops large or small.

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