Now exclusively distributed in Australia by CoolDrive Auto Parts

The SFZ Series (single bullet aluminum block) and FEX Series lines are included in CoolDrive’s current range.
Each system features ultra-light disc rotors, four or six-piston calipers, and high-performance brake pads along with a complete fitting kit as a direct bolt-on option.
This range has applications for a wide variety of local and international vehicles, including the Holden Commodore, Ford Falcon, VW Golf, Nissan Skyline, Subaru WRX, and Nissan 200SX. It has options for performance vehicles as well as 4WDs like the Ford Ranger and Toyota LandCruiser.
The Stolz brake upgrade systems are designed to limit heat build-up and distribute and transmit forces according to the calliper’s specifications based on complete structural analysis.
Stolz’s callipers can be purchased in black, gold, red, or silver finishes. A thorough thermal and flow analysis is completed on all designs, which helps to minimise temperature transfer from the pad to the calliper, from the calliper to the brake fluid, and from the disc.
The ultra-light weight disc rotor available from Stolz is constructed from two pieces to create ideal stiffness. The rotor features aerodynamic ribs and well-placed drill holes, which also help with heat disbursement by decreasing the frictional heat delivered to the pad and calliper.
Stolz’s brake pads are advertised as being reliable and consistent even after repeated heavy applications. They are made from non-asbestos organic compounds, and they are designed to produce low noise and low dust.
The brand’s fitting kit is designed for each individual model by utilising the same forged aluminum alloys that are used in the construction of the callipers. This helps to maximise the stiffness while also decreasing the chances of fatigue failure.

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