Optimal wheel alignment is crucial for any tow vehicle and trailer

Str8-lign says following the success of the award-winning ‘portable’ Str8-lign Passenger Wheel Alignment System and Qwerty Tyre Solutions’ more recent Commercial and Trucking Wheel Alignment System, demand grew for a unique standalone caravan and trailer wheel alignment tool, capable of dealing with both independent and fixed axle configurations.
It says the development of the Str8-lign Caravan and Trailer wheel aligner was a logical progression and says now the first users in Australia are already enjoying the benefits.
Str8-lign says the goal with this product, as with its passenger and commercial systems, was to develop a unique alignment system from the ground up offering accuracy, versatility and cost-effectiveness while maintaining its core innovation strategy of mobility.
“By benefiting from our already successful and awarded systems on the market, we were able to maintain a high level of accuracy and ease of use, while keeping the overall costs within acceptable levels,” Str8-lign Australia Managing Director, Deon De Villiers, said.
With accurate pinpointing of both solid axle and independent suspension setups; Str8-lign says its caravan and trailer wheel aligner enables users to diagnose and correctly adjust the thrust-angle, toe-angle and camber settings in mere minutes, whether it be roadside or in a workshop.
It says it is common knowledge that optimal wheel alignment is crucial for any tow vehicle – but for complete towing safety and comfort, it says one should apply the same level of detail to the trailer too. 
“Everything has to be right, to enable a caravan, camper-trailer or loading trailer to be stable and handle correctly on the road. Just one essential item set wrong or neglected can cause serious, even lethal, problems,” Deon said.
“It is also essential for all caravans and trailers – whether they have an independent suspension or a non-independent (solid-axle) setup – to have correct alignment; increasing road-safety, tyre-longevity and the overall driving experience. 
“At a fraction of the cost, with hundreds of systems deployed globally, Str8-lign is proven to be your go-to wheel alignment solution for workshop, and field applications!”

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