Allowing StreetFighter Specialist Workshop tuners to flash tune a wide range of new model 4WD and SUVs

Factory ECUs are becoming more complex with a growing level of technology and electronic features.
Because of this, StreetFighter says the use of piggyback style ECU chip tuning has become obsolete, and there is now more than ever a need for a more reliable and suitable process.
It says this is where ECU flash tuning comes in, allowing tuners to ‘flash’ tunes directly to the factory ECU.
‘Flash’ tuning re-writes the generic factory tune and creates a new, more optimised tune for the specific vehicle to maximise its performance and driveability.
With the old-style chip tune tricking the ECU to perform in a certain way, it can often become unreliable. Imported chips from overseas markets and generic adjustments made to them are often not suitable for Australian vehicles and conditions.
In response to this issue, StreetFighter says it has developed kits which allow workshops to easily access, tune and flash the factory ECU on a large range of 4WDs and SUVs.
StreetFighter says the SF Power Flash and SF Power Active kits allow the StreetFighter Specialist Workshop tuners to flash tune a wide range of new model 4WD and SUVs.
This is achieved by either directly plugging in to the factory ECU in the vehicle, or removing and directly flashing on to the ECU itself outside of the vehicle depending on the manufacturer.
These two kits allow the registered workshops to access and tune the vehicles quickly, safely and confidently with the technical support of StreetFighter’s own specialist tuners, with the company stating its tuners have many years’ experience tuning a range of not only 4WDs and SUVs but also performance vehicles.
The ultimate benefit of StreetFighter’s SF Flash and SF Active kits is to allow workshops nationwide to be able to flash tune, dyno and road test each individual factory delivered vehicle to its maximum potential and improve the drivability of the vehicle without the risk of damage to the original ECU, with the remote support of StreetFighter specialist tuners.
With expected gains of around 15 to 30 percent in power and torque and approximately 10 percent improved fuel economy, StreetFighter says the figures speak for themselves.
It says the biggest advantage however is in the improved drivability with the power and torque right where you need it, whether it be for city driving, off-roading or towing.

For more information, visit or contact StreetFighter on or 08 8299 9998.