Raw 4×4 explains how to achieve the best suspension set-up for towing

The current pandemic has forced many Australians to holiday at home, which has seen an increase in the number of caravans, campervans, trailers and boats being towed by 4WD vehicles on Australian roads.
Raw 4×4 knows that towing changes the dynamic performance of a vehicle in terms of handling and braking performance.
It further explains that compromises need to be made to balance the load carrying ability of the vehicle when towing, versus the comfort levels for everyday driving.
Setting up a vehicle for the occasional towing of a boat or caravan can result in a harsh and uncomfortable ride, and leads to the vehicle sitting too high; which is why a clear understanding of the load being towed and how often this will occur will assist in putting the best towing package together.
Raw 4×4 explains that a clever selection of spring type and damper technology can significantly improve the vehicle’s handling and ride comfort for both the loaded and unloaded conditions.
Raw 4×4 states that it has a full range of coil and leaf springs designed with multi stage or progressive rate spring rates at various weight ratings to improve the weight carrying ability of the tow vehicle.
To further complement the suspension range, a tiered offering of shock absorbers and struts are matched to the suspension components to improve the ride and handling of the vehicle.
For towing, the Powerdown engineering team highly recommends the Raw Nitro Max shock absorber range, that is based on Powerdown’s innovative truck shock absorber technology.
It says this design has proven itself over millions of kilometres and with a precision tuned speed sensitive disc valve design, delivers the ultimate amount of control for towing without sacrificing a comfortable ride.

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