Suspension is a critical consideration when it comes to towing

Supashock emphasises the importance of not overlooking the suspension on your tug, explaining that towing completely changes the dynamics of the vehicle.
Often the trailer or caravan you are towing can be heavier than the tow vehicle itself. In that scenario, the trailer can have control over the vehicle, which in the event of trailer sway, wind gusts, tyre blowout or other unforeseen circumstances, can be catastrophic.
Supashock says standard or poor-quality aftermarket suspension systems are built and designed to be the compromise between cost, reliability and comfort.
When using your car off the black top or whilst towing, Supashock highly recommends you upgrade your suspension to suit your application.
It explains that just like Supashock’s racing customers upgrade their vehicles for racing feel and performance, its SupaTouring range is tailored to those who live the 4WD lifestyle.
Vehicles that tow with OE or poor-quality aftermarket suspension not suited to towing can exceed the capabilities of the dampers, springs and suspension components. Overloading these components can lead to unresponsive handling, reduced braking ability, poor handling characteristics or uncontrollable trailer sway.
When a vehicle’s weight is shifted to the rear, it will inherently ‘unload’ the front suspension – lifting the nose as the rear squats down. If a sudden braking situation were to occur the vehicle will have reduced braking capacity due to the rearward load bias. It is easy to imagine the danger of piloting a rig with double the mass, and a reduced braking capacity.
By upgrading to Supashock’s rebuildable SupaTouring suspension system, Supashock says you are investing in safer towing and touring, in both on and off-road conditions.
It explains that utilising the performance orientated, heavy duty SupaTouring dampers enables you to create the most stable platform possible.
Further, it states that SupaTouring suspension lays the foundations to secure your vehicle and occupants for the events that cannot be saved by devices such as load distribution hitches or sway control systems.
It says that by installing tuned, Supashock dampers you will be handing back control to the driver by increasing the tyre grip on all wheels in all scenarios.
Supashock explains that behind the brand is a team of true 4WD enthusiasts who understand the importance of incorporating characteristics for tourers and towers including comfort, control, safety, longevity, load carrying and performance.
It states that with a highly successful background in motorsport, defence, autonomous and mining suspension, SupaTouring lift kits are built to tackle outback Australia.

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