Premier Machinery and Components says it offers a safer, more affordable cleaning method

The traditional methods of component cleaning include caustic baths, pressure washes, and spin wash machines.
But Premier Machinery and Components says there is a safer and more cost-effective solution.
The company says its MotorClean unit can offer super Ultrasonic component cleaning within a 20-minute cycle time.
The process involves degreasing, decarbonising, and descaling engine parts and components like cylinder heads, engine blocks, gearboxes, turbo chargers, brake parts, transmission systems, diesel injection, and particle filters.
The company recommends this unit to garages, dealerships, brake specialists, and smaller general workshops.
The new model MOT-200N includes a stainless thermally insulated tank lid, pneumatic platform, and waterflow system for oil separation.
It features a control panel with a seven-inch screen with TFT display. The Tierratech Motor Clean range is able to address the component cleaning needs of the smallest workshop to the largest heavy commercial transport operation.
The new 185 litre unit provides a new option for smaller operators who could not previously justify the cost.
The equipment uses a working frequency of 40 kHz, which can achieve optimal cleaning without damaging any soft materials like aluminum, magnesium, and brass.
Premier Machinery states that the running costs of these machines can be as low as $1.40 per day when operating a five-day week with the 400 litre machine using 175 kw hours over a seven day period.
Operating times can be programmed, and the advanced touchscreen makes the unit easy to operate.
The ultrasonic waves osculate with a six-inch travel agitation to thoroughly clean all parts of the components.
The specified chemicals that are required are $375 per 25 kg drum, and this lasts between six weeks to six months depending on usage.
“These high-quality units clean regardless of the complexity of the pieces, especially internal recesses and hard to reach areas,” Premier Machinery and Components General Manager, Daniel Parker, said.
“They reduce energy costs, are more environmentally friendly and dramatically reduce labour time.”

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