Prestone is now available in 208L drums

For the past 94 years, Prestone’s mission to provide the finest automotive fluids in the world has been at the core of its business; and it says this has kept its technologies ahead of the rest with industry leading innovations.
Filpro Automotive explains that Prestone – the one-stop coolant solution – has been perfecting its coolant formula since 1927 to help drivers defy the elements and most importantly defy corrosion.
Prestone is an OEM global supplier and is used as first fill by multiple leading vehicle manufacturers, which means the coolant will not void manufacturers’ warranties.
Filpro goes on to explain that Prestone can be used in every passenger and light commercial vehicle on the market.
It is compatible and mixes safely with any other colour or brand of coolant, and will take on the original cooling system colour when used as a top up.
This eliminates the need for workshops to carry three or four different colour coolants, and now with 208L drums of Prestone All Makes All Models Coolant available in Australia, Prestone is helping professionals enjoy the benefits of a new found simplicity.
Unlike most other brands of coolant inhibitor packs, Filpro says Prestone’s patented Cor-Guard inhibitor technology is designed specifically to start working immediately, protecting cooling system parts against corrosion and pitting for longer engine life.
Filpro explains the advanced inhibitor package instantly layers and bonds to the cooling system components, immediately stopping the spread of cavitation, erosion, corrosion and rust.
Prestone Coolant / Antifreeze has a universal formula that can be used in all makes of vehicles from cars, SUVs, CUVs, Minivans and light commercial vehicles to light and medium duty trucks; with gas or diesel engines; and in radiators with aluminium or cast iron components.

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