SuperPro is an Australian manufacturer of polyurethane suspension bushings

With more than 40 years of experience within the suspension industry, SuperPro says it has a dedicated Research and Development Team and the largest range of aftermarket repair bushings.
SuperPro stocks more than 7000 parts, fitting well over 175,000 applications within its range with this number said to be continually expanding.
The bushing components of your suspension system are integral for the functionality and safety of the whole vehicle’s systems.
But just like most other parts on a vehicle, bushes wear, particularly the OE rubber bushes. Just as your tyres wear out over time and kilometres, the bushes in your vehicle wear out. This can be because of the kilometres the vehicle has travelled or the roads it has travelled on and potholes, curbs/gutters and minor accidents have also been indicated to wear out suspension bushes quickly.
Therefore, SuperPro says it offers the largest range of repair bushings that are a straight replacement option for your vehicle.

Repair bushings make up the majority of the SuperPro range as an alternative to the factory fitted original rubber bushings. Covering almost all makes and models of vehicles, SuperPro says you can be sure you are getting a quality product.
SuperPro says its bushings are known for their blue durable material. All bushings are made from a specifically designed polyurethane blend which reportedly allows the SuperPro product to provide customers with the top features of rubber and plastic for “the perfect repair option.”
SuperPro manufactures bushes for both front and rear suspension systems which achieve several benefits including corrected or maintained steering geometry, better handling, increased safety, a long-lasting solution, improved tyre wear, improved fuel efficiency and enhanced performance.
SuperPro states that all of its products are engineered in Australia and are “built to last.” These products are backed by a lifetime warranty offered by SuperPro for all the bushings in their range.

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