For re-installing wheels on vehicles with wheel bolts

Anyone that has put wheels back on a vehicle with wheel bolts, particularly ones with heavy wheels or chunky tyres, knows how much of a juggling act this can be.
It is a daily issue for anyone working with tyres and suspension. Because of this, SuperPro says it decided to design the Wheel Stud Tool Kit to make the process much easier and quicker, saving you and your workshop valuable time.
To use, simply screw in the SuperPro Wheel Stud Tool, slot the easy-guide tapered end into the wheel bolt hole and now your wheels are aligned so you can quickly screw in the remaining bolts – it is as simple as that.
The SuperPro Wheel Stud Tool Kit (Part number TRC0033K) is designed for re-installing wheels on vehicles with wheel bolts. It has both wheel lug thread sizes for these types of vehicles, predominantly Euro:
• 12 X 1.5 Pitch
• 14 x 1.5 Pitch
Moulded, CNC and anodized, the SuperPro Wheel Stud Tool Kit is a lightweight high strength tool that can help any workshop, says SuperPro.
To learn more about the SuperPro Wheel Stud Tool Kit, check out the SuperPro Suspension Parts YouTube Channel.

SuperPro has an ever-growing range of suspension products, including bushings, control arms, sway bars and workshop tools.
It says it is always looking for the next suspension innovation to help improve both the retail customers’ satisfaction but also the trade customers experience, stating that with the SuperPro Wheel Stud Tool Kit you get both attributes.
“The SuperPro Wheel Stud Tool Kit is covered by a lifetime warranty, so you know you’re going to get your money worth of use,” SuperPro National Sales Manager, David David Atherton, said.
“The amount of time and hassle the SuperPro Wheel Stud Tool Kit will save you makes this tool addition a no brainer to purchase. You will make your money back on time saved in a matter of weeks!”
The SuperPro Wheel Stud Tool Kit can be purchased from any SuperPro distributor or directly from SuperPro if you are an existing customer or are looking to become a SuperPro distributor.

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