Meeting the challenge of fitting wheels onto a vehicle without wheel studs, simply and safely

The industry is ever changing all over the world, however the needs of workshops and at home DIYers generally remain the same.
Tools to make tasks more efficient both in time and effort remain in demand. With many individuals becoming time poor and a lot of jobs relying on minimal manpower, SuperPro says it discovered a gap in the market’s available tool offerings.
Modifications to all vehicles are increasingly popular and removing, changing and rotating wheels and tyres is high on the list, now and into the future. As part of this, vehicle and wheel combinations that require wheel bolts to be aligned while holding the wheel are frequently seen in workshops.
SuperPro says that over years of experience in the automotive industry, both in manufacturing and servicing, it has identified that fitting wheels onto a vehicle without wheel studs is a difficult and sometimes dangerous task.
This challenge is faced by many, not only the everyday consumer and enthusiast but also workshops alike.
So the question was: why not just recreate a wheel stud to support the wheel and tyre while the other wheel bolts are started?
It sounds too simple, but sometimes the simplest solutions are often overlooked and this is exactly how SuperPro designed the Wheel Stud Tool Kit.
While SuperPro reports this tool was ultimately born out of frustration, it says it has grown into a very popular product for all of SuperPro’s customers and “is a must have for all workshops once they hear about it.”
The TRC0033K Wheel Stud Tool Kit comes with two different sizes: 12 x 1.5 pitch and 14 x 1.5 pitch; and was designed to include both wheel lug thread sizes so it can fit “just about anything.”

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