Xtreme Clutch releases a range of upgrade options

Xtreme Outback, the heavy duty 4×4 division of Australian Clutch Services, has recently launched a heavy duty upgrade for the K15B powered 2019 and 2020 Suzuki Jimny.
These upgrades have been designed to support a quickly expanding aftermarket performance market for these vehicles.
The new model 1.5L Suzuki Jimny has already proven popular amongst tuning groups around the world with several vehicles even being turbocharged to significantly increase their performance.
With the older model Suzuki Jimny being a popular platform for heavy duty 4×4 upgrades, Xtreme Outback quickly developed a range of options for the new model including sprung organic, sprung ceramic and cushioned ceramic upgrade kits.
It says these upgrades are ideal for vehicles used in harsh environments or that are modified to increase horsepower and torque.
The sprung organic option is expected to be the most popular upgrade in the range and offers a 230 Nm torque capacity thanks to a 35 percent increase in clamping force over the standard pressure plate.
Retaining a sprung organic friction disc, Xtreme Outback states these kits are ideal for vehicles still being used every day but which also require an increase in torque holding capability.
Each of the kits come complete with thrust bearing, spigot bearing and alignment tool ensuring the best efficiency for the installer and long-term reliability for the vehicle owner.
Xtreme Outback is also developing a lightweight flywheel for those wanting to replace this component at the same time.
“We have already seen great demand for these performance clutch upgrades through our international distributor base,” Australian Clutch Services Managing Director, Brenton Jordan, said.
“Many of our distributors have received enquiries for a clutch to handle significant horsepower increases, especially in the Middle-Eastern markets.
“Our range of kits have been developed to suit these higher horsepower applications and we also have a twin plate range of upgrades in development to suit very high horsepower vehicles fitted with turbo setups.”
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