With the new ICS-01 switching system by Ionnic

With competition for new motor vehicle sales increasing daily, vehicle manufacturers are opting for a more premium, tech focused interior in an effort to lure customers to their brand.
With this comes the trend to reduce the number of, or remove entirely the provisions for aftermarket switches. While this might be preferable for vehicle manufacturers it does bring with it a new set of challenges for installers when fitting aftermarket accessories.
The new ICS-01 switching system by Ionnic has been designed specifically to address this issue while at the same time offering a range of new and intelligent features as compared to traditional switches.
The ICS switching system is suitable for use on both 12 and 24 volt vehicles; offering eight individually switched circuits each rated to 6amps with a maximum total system output of 40amps within a compact switch panel. The panel measures only 65mm x 65mm, allowing for a multitude of installation options in today’s modern motor vehicle.
The ICS-01 uses an in-cab switch panel and remote output module connected by a single data or communication line.
The switch panel and receiver communicate using a proprietary signal which allows the switching system to be configured in multiple ways using a single output module for typical applications or with additional slave output modules on larger systems or vehicles.
Key features include:
• User programmable master switches – the ICS switch panel features three user programmable Master switches. These switches can be used to link any combination of the eight individual switches together to allow activation of multiple circuits via the switching of a single button.
• On-board circuit monitoring – the ICS-01 incorporates the latest in onboard circuit protection technology. In the event of a short circuit the ICS panel immediately turns off the affected output preventing damage to the switch panel and devices controlled by it.
• Flexible mounting options – as well as being extremely compact, the ICS panel offers installers multiple mounting options. Utilising a single threaded mounting point on the rear of the panel, installers can quickly and simply attach the panel as required.

Ionnic products are available from Auto Electrical Imports. For more information, visit www.ionnic.com