New webinar offers a virtual tour of this leading facility

With the Auto Innovation Centre (AIC) experiencing high demand and a large number of queries regarding its services, the centre’s management recently provided a free virtual tour of this incredible facility.
In the webinar which is available to view online on-demand now on the Auto Innovation Centre’s YouTube channel, AIC Managing Director Luke Truskinger explains the capabilities, technology and services this centre of excellence offers, and how the AIC can help your product development.

The compact 30-minute webinar sees Luke run through the AIC vehicle fleet available for development as well as the amazing workshop and training facilities companies can access when working with the AIC.
As an independent DOTARS and RVSA recognised facility, the AIC offers popular dynamic vehicle testing services which include testing for ADR31, ADR35 and ADR88.
The processes for this testing were explained by Luke in the online session, while as a bonus, the AIC’s 3D specialist Jack Day also showed the centre’s industry leading vehicle teardown and scanning process.

For more information about the AIC, visit www.autoic.com.au or contact Luke Truskinger via luke@autoic.com.au