Exedy claims its AISIN Twin Disc Kit improves driver comfort

The AISIN Twin Disc Kit represents true innovation, says Exedy, which states it is a cost-effective replacement for the OE type DMF system while still matching the cabin noise levels and driver comfort of the OE system.
Driveline technology is evolving quickly and in the pursuit to lower cabin noise and increase driver comfort, Dual Mass Flywheels are becoming more popular with vehicle manufacturers.
The Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) derives its name from the two main components (masses) that operate independently of each other.
The primary component is fitted with a ring gear and sensor ring (if applicable) and is attached to the crankshaft. This primary component usually incorporates a dampening mechanism made up of torsion springs and friction washers that are ideally suited to absorb torsional vibrations within the drivetrain.
The clutch unit is then bolted onto the secondary component. Simply put, a DMF is a damper for the drivetrain. Whilst the DMF has many positive attributes such as noise and vibration dampening, the DMF is a wearing part and as such will require replacement each time the clutch is replaced.
As a result, the total cost of replacing a clutch in a vehicle fitted with a DMF is significantly more. Exedy explains the team at AISIN identified a market gap and set an objective to develop a clutch and flywheel system possessing similar dampening attributes to a Dual Mass Flywheel, but with improved performance attributes and lower replacement cost.
This signalled the start of the development process for the innovative Twin Disc Conversion Clutch Kit, explains Exedy.
The Twin Disc clutch disc design comprises two friction plates driven off a single damper mechanism. This delivers a substantial reduction in production cost whilst increasing the clutch torque capacity by more than 10 percent over the OE clutch.
The Twin Disc design made it possible to reduce the clutch cover release load translating to a 40 percent decrease in pedal effort resulting in improved driver comfort over and above that delivered by the OE DMF system, says Exedy.
The AISIN Twin Disc conversion clutch kit provides benefits for both the consumer and the organisation. For vehicle owners, the AISIN Twin Disc clutch system is cheaper to purchase initially, and the total cost of ownership is also lower as the flywheel can be reused over and over again.
Additionally, the increase in clutch torque capacity enables the vehicle to tow greater loads whilst minimising clutch slip and wear. The AISIN clutch kit also provides benefits for the organisation with the lower cost design and subsequent improved profitability.
The AISIN clutch kit is supplied by Exedy.

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