The Tectaloy brand has been providing quality coolants for vehicles throughout Australia and New Zealand for over 60 years

With the extensive availability of Tectaloy Coolants, you can ensure product conformance and compatibility, and avoid the pitfalls of mixing different coolants. This provides peace of mind when travelling or running a fleet.
Part of ITW AAMTech, Tectaloy products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities with
the technical and R&D support of ITW’s global resources.
Tectaloy manufactures quality anti-freeze concentrates, pre-mix ready-to-use coolants, and corrosion inhibitor concentrates to suit passenger and performance vehicles, light truck, heavy duty and stationary engines.
The brand has been available in Australia for over six decades and also available in New Zealand.
The company claims that, as with all ITW AAMTech products, the strategy for Tectaloy Coolant is to have the best product at the best price on the shelf.
With its easy to understand and easy to select from range, Tectaloy says it can supply coolant to suit any manufacturer’s specifications. Tectaloy believes that product performance is its true competitive advantage, stating its product is the only coolant that can go the distance of 1,000,000kms or 10 years.
Tectaloy has a long history in coolant and its goal is to provide a quality product that lasts and to earn and keep the trust of its customers.

The primary function of a coolant is to transfer heat away from the combustion in the engine. It is also imperative to protect the metals in the cooling system against corrosion.

Ethylene glycol in the coolant offers anti-freeze /anti-boil protection. Water is an active heat transfer fluid by itself. However, it has a limited operating temperature range.
When combined with Glycol, the formulation offers a lower freezing point and a higher boiling point than either fluid used on their own.

Types of Coolants
Coolants are classified as either Type A or Type B depending on the level of glycol they contain.

Type A Coolants
• Contain above 20 percent glycol content
• Offer anti-freeze anti-boil protection
• Nearly all new car manufacturers will recommend a Type A product

Type B Coolants
• Contain below 20 percent glycol content
• Offer minimal or no anti-freeze anti-boil protection
• Typically they are referred to as corrosion inhibitors

Organic Vs Conventional Coolants
Conventional style coolants are created using older technology but have a solid performance history. This traditional type of coolant will have a shorter lifespan than organic and is suited to earlier model vehicles.
Organic coolants are manufactured using a new process referred to as Organic Acid Technology (OAT). This process provides the ability to a long lifespan due to low chemical depletion rate.
* Note: Conventional and organic style coolants do not mix well together.

There are many types of corrosion that can occur in a cooling system, which is why a coolant with a good quality corrosion inhibitor package is required. Tectaloy coolants all contain an inhibitor package that provides maximum protection against corrosion.
The following are do’s and don’ts to avoid corrosion:
• Do not mix coolants – different chemical formulations can cause fouling and overheating.
• Use a flush – prepare your engine to ensure maximum coolant life.
• Always use the correct amount of coolant.
• Always use the best quality water available, de-mineralised preferred.
• When changing coolant check the condition of the thermostat, radiator cap and all hoses.
• Use service stickers to mark the date of coolant installation.
• Contact your local EPA for advice on how to dispose of used coolant.
• Always make sure heaters are open when changing coolant.
• Always make sure that your engine is cool before checking coolant level

Who is ITW AAMTech?
ITW AAMTech is a manufacturer and distributor of quality automotive aftermarket products for the DIY and DIFM markets in Australia and New Zealand. Globally it is a part of the US$13.4 billion dollar ITW family, which operates in 57 countries around the world focusing on innovative customer solutions.
All ITWAAMTech products are either manufactured or distributed through one of its three sites in Hemmant QLD, Wetherill Park NSW, or its head office in Dandenong South VIC.
Its vast range of products is distributed in the Automotive Aftermarket, Fleet, and Trade and Industrial markets. It claims it is successful in its markets because of the strength of its iconic brands, and the company’s ability to provide customers with a constant flow of new and improved products.
ITW AAMTech states its portfolio of leading brands includes some of the best in the country.

For more information visit www.tectaloy.com.au or www.aamtech.com.au