Heat is the mortal enemy of the LED

When the LED’s junction is over temperature, it’s working life is greatly reduced, resulting in degraded light output and early failure.
With temperature-controlled circuitry, when the lamp housing temperature is below 75 degree Celsius (such as at night, on the move, winter, rain), the LED chips are driven within their design parameters to produce their maximum light output.
Qualelec Auto and Marine explains that TCS senses raised temperatures (such as prolonged stationary use, hot environment) and throttles back power to always give the best light output performance whilst prolonging LED service life.
These next generation LED wide flood lamps are compact and pack a punch, says Qualelec Auto and Marine.
It states they have upgraded power and optics to provide a solid and even light pattern without shadowing.
There are four Osram six-watt LED chips with integrated variable LED drive circuitry with temperature sensing.

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