KYB has launched a new range of heavy duty shock absorbers

KYB says it is excited to announce the launch of its Tena Force range of heavy duty shock absorbers.
Designed specifically for vehicles and trailers which have had coil or leaf springs enhanced to carry or tow heavier payloads, KYB says the Tena Force range is sure to quickly gain popularity.
“Our hardworking research and development team identified a need for a range of heavy duty shock absorbers that owners of commercial vehicles, trailer and caravans could choose as an upgrade from Original Equipment (OE),” KYB Australia Product Marketing Manager, Larry Coulthard, said.
“To address this need we developed our range of Tena Force shock absorbers.”
The Tena Force shock absorbers range is suitable for heavy duty applications, where owners are looking to maintain the standard vehicle height.
“All Tena Force shock absorbers are valved to balance industry-leading heavy-duty coil and leaf springs, to ensure superior vehicle driveability and comfort while maintaining excellent on-road performance,” Larry said.
“Depending on vehicle application, Tena Force shock absorbers incorporate a large 35mm bore and a firmer damping force valve calibration – between 20 percent to 35 percent on compression and rebound movements – from OE setting, making them perfect for heavy duty applications.”

In addition, to minimise overheating and fade-out while in operation, the Tena Force shock absorbers also incorporate an increased oil capacity.
“We are expecting that consumers will quickly draw comparisons between Tena Force and our highly successful ‘Lifted Height, Heavy-Duty’ KYB Skorched 4’s shock absorber range,” Larry said.
“Fundamentally the Tena Force utilises Skorched 4’s advanced construction methods and high-quality componentry, but that is where the similarities end.”
“Our new Tena Force range is perfect for vehicle owners looking for a ‘standard-height, heavy-duty’ shock absorber for urban driving and light off-road conditions,” Larry said.
“While the Skorched 4’s range are for those who like to get a bit more adventurous and who enjoy medium to heavy off-road driving.”

For more information, visit www.kyb.com.au or call 1300 55 40 59