At the AIC Hydraulic Durability Testing Facility

Aftermarket product developers can now test their latest product designs to the limit and beyond thanks to the cutting-edge Hydraulic Durability Testing Facility of the Auto Innovation Centre (AIC).
Hydraulic Durability Testing (HDT) offers aftermarket companies a number of advantages during the development phase.
Demonstrating the accelerated life span of a component, both in breaking strength and fatigue strength in a short time frame, allows the aftermarket to fast-track product development.
“The AIC’s HDT facility is a service for aftermarket manufacturers to understand the strength of their products’ real world loading conditions, confirm results of simulation modelling and devise ways to improve or remedy any faults before the products are released in market,” AIC Managing Director, Luke Truskinger, said.
The AIC’s dedicated HDT room houses hydraulic rams controlled by state-of-the-art equipment that enables testing of up to 10 tonnes of load and 500mm of stroke.
Durability testing is customisable via a range of fixtures and moveable rams. The facility can also apply multiple loads, or torsional loads in different directions and the equipment can operate non-stop for days on end to complete millions of cycles.
“GVM upgrades and general suspension component testing are perfect examples of how companies are already using HDT at the AIC,” Luke said.
“One of our recent customer tests involved a 300 Series Toyota Landcruiser rear axle assembly setup to fatigue test the spring mounts and bump stop overload capacity.
“We have setup the facility to be totally customisable, and our engineering team works with customers to devise a testing solution suited to their specific requirements.”
Hydraulic Durability Testing adds to the Auto Innovation Centre’s suite of services that serve automotive aftermarket businesses across the country.
The AIC offers a growing database of high-quality 3D vehicle scans, dynamic vehicle testing, product level testing, 3D printing plus a vehicle fleet and fully equipped workshop for hire.

To enquire about Hydraulic Durability Testing with the AIC, please contact testing@autoic.com.au or call 03 9545 3333.

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