From The Glove Company

Dion Hoy, the owner of Advanced Mechanical Services, recently reviewed The Glove Company’s TGC Nitrile Gloves.
“TGC Black Gloves are the best I have used. My team and I use them daily. I find we work a lot faster and efficiently when wearing them, we can put them through their paces and know they won’t break or interrupt our workflow,” Dion said.
“They really are ‘The World’s Toughest Gloves’; they are stretchy, grippy, and best of all, they do not sweat as much as other gloves thanks to the Low Sweat Comfort Technology.
“For years I struggled to find a good glove for my team. None of the other gloves we tried held up, so we would just use our bare hands.
“I came across The Glove Company at the 2017 Australian Automotive Aftermarket trade expo. The team there took the time to chat with me and explain the difference between their TGC Black gloves versus generic gloves.
“I was sceptical, but they assured me the TGC Gloves were custom engineered specifically for the Automotive Industry. Their CEO spent his youth working in the Automotive industry before becoming a chemical engineer. He realised there was no glove that could withstand the work we do. So, he created one.
“They offered my team and I sample packs, they claim you have to try them for yourself to see, and then you’ll never go back. A couple days later the team and I grabbed them out and put them to the test, and wow they really were tough.
“The Low Sweat Comfort Technology worked, you can feel the difference compared to other gloves. I can easily wear one pair per car service and not worry about them tearing or being punctured. They hold up to brake cleaner, oils, turpentines, fuel.
“I’ve never used a pair of gloves so strong or with such an excellent grip. The whole glove is textured with a special micro texture. I grab spanners, filters, greasy hoses and not have them slip from my hand.
“Just recently I tried the TGC Orange gloves, which are the exact same glove but hi-vis orange for something different. They didn’t disappoint either. I think the team prefer them in summer as being orange, they found them cooler to wear outside as they don’t absorb the heat as much.
“I find the TGC Orange are great for preventing cross-contamination too, as you can easily see what is on your hands. Now we always keep a couple of cases of both TGC Black Nitrile Gloves and the TGC Orange Nitrile Gloves in the workshop. I can’t imagine working without them.”

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