A look at the products that claimed the 2024 Australian Auto Aftermarket Innovation Awards

The 2024 Australian Auto Aftermarket Excellence Awards selected the most innovative products across a range of categories from those entered by the industry.
Industry experts judge these awards, which are considered to be the most prestigious honour that a new product can be bestowed in the Australian aftermarket.
On the following pages we take a look at the 2024 winning products – all of which were on display at the 2024 Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo.
Over the next few editions of Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine, we’ll publish a series of articles that will profile in detail all of the winners and finalists in each product category.

Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – 4WD
Winner: Zeder Corporation
Product: Upgraded Front Steering Knuckle Kit

Unlike traditional solutions that offer mere palliatives to symptoms, this Steering Knuckle upgrade confronts the root cause of bump steer and tyre wear head-on. Engineered with precision, using hot forged 4140 AISI steel, it not only meets but exceeds OE design standards. By drastically reducing bump steer and improving tyre longevity, it enhances vehicle performance and also driver safety and comfort, while delivering benefits such as reduced driver fatigue and improved vehicle dynamics. Zeder says it was the first to market with a legal and permanent solution, and unlike quick fixes from competitors, this product is engineered to completely resolve the bump steer issue without adverse effects, prioritising vehicle integrity and performance. Further, the SuperPro solution is designed for simplicity and compliance, does not require any welding, engineering modifications, or mod plating, and maintains the vehicle’s warranty and legal standing. The SuperPro Steering Knuckle is VSB 14 approved and ADR compliant.
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Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Accessories
Winner: Brown and Watson International
Product: IDC25X DC to DC Charger

The IDC25X, short for Intelli-Charge 25 Amp Dual Battery Charger, represents Projecta’s innovative solution for dual battery management. Tailored for 4WD, camper trailer, caravan and marine applications, it stands out with its advanced charging capabilities, simultaneously using solar and traditional or smart alternator inputs. The charger’s sophisticated design allows it to deliver a consistent 25A charge in extreme climates, making it an ideal choice for under-bonnet installation. Designed, engineered, and extensively tested in Australia, the IDC25X boasts a rugged and efficient design, with the ability to operate in temperatures as high as 90°C. The IDC25X also allows parallel charging, enabling users to wire multiple units for larger systems. The IDC25X is also extremely user friendly and easy to install. With the rigid testing and a variety of manufacturing techniques developed by Brown and Watson ANZ, it says this is the toughest and most connected DC to DC charger.
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Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Electrical
Winner: REDARC Electronics
Product: TVMS Rogue

With its Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS) Rogue, the REDARC Group says it has redefined the standard for 12-volt power management in 4WD and overlanding. Launched in April 2023, this system represents a significant leap forward in vehicle power management, offering a level of control, customisation, and ease of use that directly responds to the complex demands of the aftermarket. The TVMS Rogue is a compact and sophisticated power distribution and control module featuring 10 x 10A outputs capable of giving the user control of a diverse array of devices from REDARC’s RedVision display and RedVision Bluetooth app. Its compact design specifically caters to the unique needs of overlanding vehicles, where space conservation is crucial, and reliability is paramount. The system interfaces with up to eight switch inputs, allowing automation from switches or signals around the vehicle, making it conducive to a high degree of customisation for any aftermarket application.
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Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Parts
Winner: FMP Group / Bendix
Product: General CT Rotors

Bendix’s revolutionary GeneralCT Disc Brake Rotors range features the industry-first SwiftCheck technology. Bendix explains this innovation has strong safety benefits for all road users. The GeneralCT Disc Brake Rotors with SwiftCheck aimed to revolutionise rotor wear assessment, minimising the likelihood that rotors that had worn below minimum thickness would be missed during servicing, leading to unroadworthy and potentially unsafe vehicles on the road. A market-first innovation for Australia and New Zealand, SwiftCheck provides a fast and convenient visual indicator of rotor wear, letting motor trade professionals estimate remaining rotor life without the need to measure rotor thickness, allowing them to efficiently decide on part replacement. The feature also provides added convenience and peace of mind for vehicle owners, who can inspect the rotors themselves and take appropriate action if needed, such as when preparing for an extended driving holiday or similar.
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Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Performance
Winner: Garrett Advancing Motion
Product: Garrett G-Smart Module

Garrett says its G-Smart Module is a great example of modern innovation, offering drivers unparalleled insights into their vehicle’s power dynamics. At its core, the G-Smart Module represents a convergence of cutting-edge technology and user-centric design, revolutionising the way drivers interact with their turbochargers and unlocking new dimensions of performance optimisation. Not only is this module looking to empower users with data and insights, it aims to improve serviceability and profitability for Garrett and its distributors, by streamlining diagnostics and improving warranty response. One of the key innovations of the G-Smart Module is its real-time performance monitoring capabilities. By leveraging Bluetooth technology and the G-Smart application, users can access live turbo speed and boost pressure readings directly on their mobile devices. This real-time feedback allows drivers to make informed decisions about their driving behaviour and turbocharger operation, optimising performance and efficiency on the go.
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Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Tools and Equipment
Winner: CoolDrive Auto Parts
Product: Powerduction 37LG

Utilising advanced induction heating technology, the Powerduction 37LG heat induction tool by GYS swiftly heats the core of metal components, making it ideal for various mechanical tasks on vehicles, including car bodywork and general maintenance. Manufactured entirely in France, these tools are engineered to address technical challenges encountered by professional mechanics, enabling them to complete complex repairs efficiently. CoolDrive says the 37LG model stands out as the optimal choice for mechanics, selected after rigorous analysis and testing by CoolDrive. Weighing just 15 kg and powered by a single-phase, 230 V supply, the 37LG strikes a perfect balance between power and portability. Equipped with 3,700 W of power and featuring a rapid heat cycle, the 37LG is suitable for a wide range of automotive repair tasks, from general repairs to heavy-duty applications. Its liquid-cooled system efficiently dissipates heat during operation, ensuring consistent performance.
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