A look at the products that claimed the 2022 Australian Auto Aftermarket Innovation Awards

The 2022 Australian Auto Aftermarket Excellence Awards selected the most innovative products across a range of categories from those entered by the industry.
Industry experts judge these awards, which are considered to be the most prestigious honour that a new product can be bestowed in the Australian aftermarket.
On the following pages we take a look at the 2022 winning products – all of which were on display at the 2022 Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo.
Over the next few editions of Australian Automotive Aftermarket Magazine, we’ll publish a series of articles that will profile in detail all of the winners and finalists in each product category.

Most Innovative Aftermarket Product – Electrical

Winner: IM Group
Product: Hybrid Battery Remanufacturing Program

IM Group’s Australia’s first national remanufacturing service for Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) batteries creates an affordable alternative for vehicle owners who want to ensure a longer life for their car and avoid sending waste batteries to landfill. The remanufacture of hybrid batteries involves disassembly of waste packs, testing and grading individual cells, re-combining ‘like’ functional cells into a new pack, and rebalancing the pack of recombined cells. To this end, IM Group’s Injectronics has developed automated testing stations to accurately grade large volumes of cells and customised equipment for balancing the remanufactured packs. Cells that can no longer meet the demands of a car are recycled to recover valuable metals, to save them from landfill. The remanufacture of HEV batteries is done via a process of testing and grading individual cells in a battery pack, re-assembling ‘like’ functional cells into a new pack and rebalancing the cells in the pack so that they can ‘work together’. Injectronics is the only nationwide distributor of remanufactured Hybrid Batteries and is the only company that has a circular economy program for waste batteries: Reman, Reuse, Recycle.
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Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product (Accessories)

Winner: HSP 4×4 Accessories
Product: HSP Roll R Cover Series 3

The HSP Electric Series 3 Roll R Cover is the biggest project ever taken on by HSP. The project took a total of four years to deliver the first production unit and was a complete internal project from the ground up including design, prototyping, manufacturing and distributing. It is not only a successor to an existing successful product line, but quite literally the world’s most feature packed roller cover. It broke the barriers of functionality and integration while creating a whole new suite of accessories. HSP says it was and still is the only cover in the world with factory remote functionality and full mobile app integration as well as the ability to do ‘over the air’ updates to add new features as they are rolled out and with all that being said, it is still the only electric roller cover to be 100 percent made in Australia, produced by HSP in Country Victoria. Compared to the Electric Roll R Cover Series 2, the whole unit is a lot more modular, it has more advanced water drainage, a universal track built into the side rails and of course, triple operation.
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Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product (Parts)

Winner: Pedders Suspension and Brakes
Product: LoadRyder Onboard Weight Scales

Pedders’ new LoadRyder Onboard Scales are a a cost-effective solution which delivers critical real-time vehicle weight information for light commercial vehicles. The LoadRyder Onboard Scales system is designed for dual axled vehicles with standard coil or leaf suspension. Each axle is monitored with a robust I.P666 rated potentiometer, relaying signals via the inbuilt Wi-Fi transmitter. Utilising an integrated accelerometer, data is then transmitted to the display when the vehicle is stationary, and the handbrake is applied. An audible alarm will sound if the total vehicle or if the axle weight maximum is exceeded. The breakthrough technology allows users to maximise payloads by precisely knowing the weight and axle distribution, allowing you to optimise your fleet’s payload and profitability; reduce WHS risks by ensuring your vehicle operators have the data they need to protect them from the dangers related to operating an overloaded vehicle; avoid overloading fines by providing highly accurate vehicle weight information, ensuring you avoid the risk of overloading your vehicle, preventing costly fines; and meet CoR requirements – chain of responsibility is everyone’s business and with LoadRyder Onboard Scales, Pedders says you can ensure your operations are protected.
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Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product (4WD)

Winner: CoolDrive Auto Parts
Product: Hulk 4×4 Adjustable Vehicle Door Step

Hulk 4X4’s HU2705 adjustable door step allows easy access to the roof of the vehicle. Taking just seconds to set up, the adjustable vehicle door step offers a long extended platform, which allows for both feet to fit and is rated to carry a total of 180kg. Its scissor lock system safely locks the door step in place while in use, with its two adjustable positions meaning that it will suit both front and rear doors. A must-have for every four-wheel-driver or outdoor adventurer, the Hulk 4X4 adjustable door step includes a handy carry bag and is perfect for loading camping gear, kayaks, bicycles, or car-washing. Folding flat for easy storage, the adjustable door step is part of Hulk 4X4’s touring and camping accessories range which also includes awnings, outdoor matting, jerry cans, first aid kits and a folding saw. Hulk 4X4 is one of the fastest growing players in the Australian off-road and 4WD market, with a massive range of the latest hard-wearing innovative gear offering everything adventurers ever could need, with lifting and recovery equipment, aftermarket parts, 4WD accessories and safety kits, brake upgrades, as well as accessories to make the most out of touring and camping.
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Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product (Performance)

Winner: Turbosmart Pty Limited
Product: eSG50 StraightGate50 Electronic External Wastegate

Turbosmart’s eSG50 StraightGate50 is a world first (Patent Pending) electronically actuated butterfly style wastegate which provides more flow and greater control, specifically at lower opening angles than any other wastegate available. The StraightGate is smaller than a 60mm wastegate and has control greater than any 38 or 40mm wastegate. The electronic actuator uses no springs or vacuum hoses so is not limited to the tuning window associated with pneumatic solutions meaning virtually any boost level can be achieved with no limits or compromises to boost and torque management. The StraightGate50 is an all Australian developed, designed and manufactured world first solution which has positively disrupted the boost control segment with a product which is priced just 10 percent higher than the previous ‘most premium’ and advanced solutions available in the consumer segment. Turbosmart says the eSG50 Electronic StraighGate50 provides virtually limitless control, noting these are lighter, faster, more accurate and responsive and with a wider operating range than any other wastegate in the world. The Turbosmart StraighGate50 can provide a tuning window from zero boost, all the way up to all of the available boost and does so with less mechanical complexity and less wearing components for a longer service life.
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Most Innovative New Servicing Product (Tools and Equipment)

Winner: Autel Intelligent Technology Corp
Product: MaxiSys IA900WA

The new IA900WA can be used to calibrate ADAS sensors and cameras, and also to perform wheel alignments. This versatility is all the more interesting because often, before proceeding with the calibration of ADAS equipment, the verification and correction of wheel alignment are required. Thanks to a 24-inch touchscreen monitor the IA900WA includes bi-directional control functionality, allowing for a quick and efficient working experience. The MaxiSys Ultra Tablet can be cradled on the lift or the steering wheel with controls, and the interface can be used as a PC for wheel alignment and a live alignment reading display. Illustrated alignment instructions, live readings, required tools, and adjustment locations are displayed on both the Ultra and monitor screen. The IA900WA is equipped with robotic frame movement, so that ADAS calibration target heights can be set with the push of a button. With six high-resolution cameras, the IA900WA can realise high-precision optical measurement. Wheel alignment cameras can automatically track the height of wheel targets on lift. Inside its ADAS calibration software is the industry’s fastest and most accurate frame placement, where setup takes as little as one minute. Combined with vehicle inspections of tyres, brakes, suspension, steering, and more, the IA900WA can generate a comprehensive report after performing diagnostics.
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