From Xtreme Outback

Xtreme Outback, the heavy duty 4×4 division of Australian Clutch Services, says it prides itself on being the first to market with 4×4 performance upgrades for both the Australian and international markets.
As such, the brand says it offers an impressive range, catering for both the new and old as well as popular and niche vehicles – including a comprehensive range of upgrades for Suzuki Jimny models.
Late last year Xtreme Outback released its heavy-duty upgrade to suit the popular new model Suzuki Jimny.
These performance upgrades were designed to suit the 2018-2020 Suzuki Jimny models fitted with the K15B engine, providing them with a 4×4 performance upgrade that could be used on the street and off-road.
Due to the success of the previous model Jimny upgrades, Xtreme Outback says it was clear that these vehicles would also prove popular in Australian and overseas 4×4 markets.
Xtreme Outback says it doesn’t just cover the newer models of the Jimny either, instead covering all Australian delivered models ranging back to 1985
Included in this range are a variety of accessories such as clutch forks, pivot balls, cables, and bearings as well as both heavy-duty upgrade clutch kits and even standard replacement kits under Australian Clutch Services’ ClutchPro brand.
For the off-road and performance applications, the Xtreme Outback Sprung Organic kits consist of a heavy-duty pressure plate, sprung organic friction disc, thrust bearing, spigot bearing and alignment tool.
These upgrade kits reportedly offer between a 35 percent and 60 percent increase in clamping force depending on the specific model whilst Xtreme Outback says the organic friction disc allows for great driveability for everyday street use.

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