From Three Point Classic

Three Point Classic says The Elevated Creeper is a technician must have that will revolutionise your ability to work from the top side of the engine compartment.
The Elevated Creeper has a generously padded support deck fixed to a high-grade, adjustable mount with attached ladder.
It is available in two options – standard or a convenient portable foldaway model, the Elevated Creeper suits all workspaces.
Aside from the productivity, health and safety benefits, Three Point Classic explains the Elevated Creeper also provides the following:
• Tough, durable construction, supporting up to 158kg
• Generous, padded support for comfort
• Ergonomic controls create flexible and adaptable operation
• Padding both to protect vehicle paintwork and for added comfort
• Industrial strength bearings and whisper-quiet wheels
It says The Elevated Creeper is the perfect solution for any technician or tradesman working in hard-to-reach spaces or awkward spaces.
From cars, 4WDs and vans to trailers and light aircraft, operators using The Elevated Creeper are benefiting, regardless of the engine compartment they are working on, says Three Point Classic.
The sleek, dynamic and flexible design allows for ease of use across all workstations and transportation is made simple with the Foldaway model, designed for those on the move.

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