Helping professionals in the auto mechanics industry and beyond get the job done

There are many issues a person can encounter when trying to access a hard-to-reach component in the process of working on a vehicle.
Back strain and damaging other parts of the vehicle are always possibilities.
Flatout Lifting says it has the perfect solution for any technician or tradesman working in hard-to-reach or awkward spaces.
It says the Elevated Creeper will allow the worker to increase productivity and safety while saving time and money.
The creeper features a well-padded support deck fixed to a high-grade, adjustable mount with an attached ladder.
There are two different versions, standard or a convenient portable foldaway model. Flatout Lifting says it will revolutionise a mechanic’s ability to work from the top side of the engine compartment.
This tool can support up to 158kg with its tough, durable construction and its ergonomic controls allow for flexible and adaptable operation.
It also has padding to not only provide comfort to the user but also protect the vehicle’s paint; as well as industrial strength bearings and super quiet wheels.
The Elevated Creeper is advertised as having multiple health, safety, and productivity benefits. It reportedly increases productivity, helps prevent damage, and ensures health and safety regulations are met.

It could also prevent a worker from injuring themselves or causing unnecessary damage in their work area, while its sleek and flexible design allows for ease of use across all workstations.
The Elevated Creeper was initially designed to assist those in the auto mechanics industry. However, professionals in a number of different industries have found it to be a helpful tool.
For example, the Elevated Creeper has been used in aviation, bus depots, spray-painting and auto body spaces, and railway locomotive repairs.
In any scenario where a tradesman needs to access something in a hard to reach or awkward location, Flatout Lifting says the Elevated Creeper can help get the job done.
Three Point Classic is the official Australian distributor of the Elevated Creeper by Flatout Lifting.

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