The Workshop of the Future Pavilion will help Expo attendees future-proof their businesses

Today’s vehicles are changing the game for those in the mechanical and collision repair sectors, and technology is moving ahead at break-neck speed.
If they want to succeed, business owners and managers must understand what this new age requires. They must make the right decisions on what they should specialise in and how they should evolve. And they must identify the skills, equipment and technology they need to bring that evolution into reality.
The AAAExpo’s Workshop of the Future Pavilion has been designed to help attendees future-proof their businesses. Across 225 square metres, this Pavilion will bring together the very latest information and practical tips from subject matter experts with state-of-the-art equipment and technology for the benefit of attendees of both the AAAExpo and the co-located Collision Repair Expo at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre across April 7-9, 2022.
The Pavilion will be fully enclosed with a layout replicating a futuristic workshop with four key zones covering:
• Workshop Management Systems;
• EV/Alternative Fuel Repair Techniques and Workshop Equipment;
• ADAS Calibration Equipment; and
• Diagnostics and Tooling including J2534 Pass Through Technology.
Also set to be featured is education around the customer experience, running your business, and emerging skill and equipment requirements.
The subject experts will deliver education which is not tied to any particular brand or product, and these presentations will be delivered free of charge (registration is required) to the audience using a tiered seating set-up, so attendees are able to easily take in the presentations in comfort.
They will also be able to ask questions, and can come back through the Pavilion at various times across the three days to enjoy presentations on the different areas.

“The theme for this year’s show is ‘the future is here’ and that is what we truly believe – the future is here now,” AAAA Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Charity, said.
“The vehicles being sold in showrooms and those which have been on the road for the last couple of years are going to change the game across both mechanical and collision repair for a whole range of reasons, as we are seeing technology moving ahead at break-neck speed.
“All of these vehicles need to be maintained and repaired for their useful life in every city and town in Australia so there is a whole new set of requirements for skill sets and tooling and equipment.
“As such, there is a need for collision repairers and mechanical repairers to make decisions in the next few years about how they are going to move forward, as you won’t be able to be all things to all people anymore.
“So, what we are trying to do is target key technology areas; bringing in subject matter experts to provide impartial information about what is going to be required in their businesses, and the information they need to make educated decisions on what they want to specialise in, how they want to evolve, and what they need to make that happen.
“Importantly, we are seeking to ensure that everything we demonstrate at the Pavilion is pragmatic – we are not talking about a Jetsons like scene of flying cars, we are focusing on what is happening here and now and what workshops are going to need to take advantage of these developments moving forward.
“This approach is a bit of a game changer for our Expo. It has always been about showcasing the very best companies and their equipment, which we will of course continue to deliver, but I think the difference here is that we are really focusing on what our research tells us are the areas that workshops specifically want to better understand, and we will deliver this in a very objective environment.”

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