HSP says its Load Slide is so good, your Chiropractor will recommend it

Sick of hurting your knees from climbing in and out of your tub? Do you have shoulder and back pains from awkwardly having to put your load in and out of your tub?
HSP says its Load Slide is designed to combat just that and a lot more.
The HSP Load Slide is a purpose-built retractable bed slide. Each unit has an entirely custom cut platform, contouring to your specific vehicle and is designed to give better access and management of your cargo.
The Load Slide has a 75 percent multi latch platform extension with 250kg extended load capability – that means that when extended to 75 percent outside of the vehicle’s tub, the Load Slide can handle up to 250kg of dispersed weight.
There is also a latching position every 20cms for ease of use.
The HSP Load Slide is also custom cut with purpose-built side rails. HSP says one size fits all is for baseball caps and shortcut products – your vehicle is individual and so is its platform, it says.
HSP explains that using advanced CNC routing machines, the HSP Load Slide is completely custom cut to suit your specific vehicle so there is no space wasted.
The sides rails are also purpose-built to block loads from falling to the sides as well as being great strapping points

HSP is looking for distributors in Australia. If you would like to be a part of the HSP family, please contact HSP on or call 03 9795 8206.