Improve driving performance with a Quick Response Electric Throttle Controller

The latest product included in the HULK Professional Series is a Quick Response Electric Throttle Controller meant to enhance a vehicle’s driving performance.
These products are available from CoolDrive Auto Parts, one of Australasia’s largest automotive parts distributors.
The Quick Response Electronic Throttle Controllers are designed for modern vehicles that use “fly-by-wire” technology, specifically vehicles without an accelerator cable.
In these types of vehicles, there is often a delay between the time the accelerator pedal is pressed and the time the signal gets to the throttle. This is commonly known as “lag.”
The HULK Professional Series Quick Response Electronic Throttle Controllers shorten the response time between the accelerator and throttle in order to reduce or in some applications completely eliminate the lag time.
CoolDrive Auto Parts says they are easy to install in as few as five minutes with the included fitting guide, and there’s no wiring required.
With over 35-part numbers, they are available for most vehicle makes and models and can be used to improve vehicle response and are said to be ideal for towing trailers or caravans.

The Quick Response Electronic Throttle Controllers come with six switchable modes, including Comfort, Sports, Performance, Automatic, 4×4/Eco and Standard.
Each controller also has 36 settings to accommodate a range of driving conditions.
The new Automatic mode is designed to study driving styles and adjust depending on the situation. It gives both power and fuel economy when needed.
The controllers also come with an LED Brightness Sensor, which can automatically adjust the display based on the amount of ambient light available.
Another notable feature is the Anti-Theft Function. When activated, a vehicle will start and idle but will not accelerate without the input of a PIN.
CoolDrive Auto Parts says the features of the Quick Response Electronic Throttle Controllers work together to improve driving performance, and enhance the product offerings of the Hulk Professional Series sold by CoolDrive Auto Parts.

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