Supashock is re-launching its range of Australian designed and made SupaTouring 4×4 suspension kits

Adelaide-based Supashock says standard suspension systems are designed to be the compromise between cost, reliability and comfort.
To use your car outside of the generic day-to-day activities, Supashock says it is highly recommended you upgrade the vehicle to suit your unique application, stating its SupaTouring range is tailored to those who use their vehicles outside of the city bounds.
Vehicles fitted with aftermarket accessories and/or loaded with camping gear or work equipment are heavier and change the factory weight distributions. This often exceeds the capabilities of the OE or poor-quality aftermarket suspension components and can result in compromised steering ability, extended braking distance and unpredictable handling in the event of an emergency.
Whilst towing, the dynamics of a vehicle are totally changed due to the rearward weight bias. Often the trailer or caravan can also be heavier than the tow vehicle and in the case of trailer sway, wind gusts, tyre blowout or other unforeseen circumstances, this can be catastrophic.
Supashock says installing a SupaTouring suspension kit on your 4WD gives you the confidence that Supashock’s tuned heavy duty dampers will perform in a controlled and predictable manner, increasing tyre grip on all wheels in all scenarios.
It says SupaTouring dampers also have multiple patented and unique features to ensure the most stable platform possible for all scenarios – whether your vehicle is packed for the next family holiday, or you are touring Australia with the van.
In all SupaTouring 4×4 dampers, you will find Supashock’s patented Pneumatic Ride Control and Shell Reservoir System. These unique features are used in Supashock’s proven dampers for defence vehicles.
Supashock says these features combined with quality materials, defence grade seals, specialised bushes and high strength design make a damper that’s ready to battle Australia’s harshest conditions.
It states SupaTouring kits also offer a softer spring rate for improved ride quality while the Pneumatic Ride Control compensates for the softer spring rate, without compromising performance, safety, body control or load capacity.
Supashock dampers are also fully re-buildable and are covered by a three-year or 80,000km warranty.

To find out more about Supashock’s SupaTouring range, visit×4