Box Hill Institute has a number of training courses available for your staff

As business owners, we all have staff to manage and part of that process is to make sure your staff have the skills they need to perform their tasks.
“I speak with many apprentices as part of my job. Some say they are bored at work and do the same things on the same vehicles day in and day out. The others say that their work is interesting and varied every day,” Box Hill Institute Manager of Automotive (Faculty of Trades), Michael Cope, said.
“Do you want a bored apprentice that turns up, does their eight hours and leaves without learning anything new? Or would you like to employ an engaged apprentice that looks forward to the challenges of the day?
“By keeping your workers engaged you are nurturing them to perform better and become valued members of your workforce.
“This may mean moving them around in the workshop, so they learn all aspects of the business or sending them to training to make them more confident and capable members of your business
“Use their strengths and weaknesses to see where they fit best in your business.”
Box Hill Institute has a number of training courses available for your staff including:
• Automotive Air Conditioning certification to enable technicians to apply for the Arctick Refrigerant Handling Licence and work on motor vehicle air conditioning systems.
• VicRoads Licenced Vehicle Tester accreditation to carry out and issue roadworthy certificates on light vehicles in Victoria.
• Pre apprenticeship training for existing workers that don’t hold an automotive qualification or people that want to get into the automotive service and repair industry at the entry level.
• Automotive Apprentice Training, which is the training required to become a qualified automotive technician.
Box Hill Institute also offers evening short courses in MIG, TIG and ARK welding for those wishing to brush up on their welding skills.

To find out more about employing an apprentice, Box Hill Institute encourages you to call Roger Phillips or Mark Liberto on 03 9286 9623 or email them at

For information on other automotive programs such as Automotive Air Conditioning or VicRoads Licensed Vehicle Testing, please visit and search for ‘automotive.’