New animated rear lighting designs from LED Autolamps

LED Autolamps says you can now add the classy look generally reserved for high-end European vehicles to your vehicle, trailer or caravan.
The company says it has introduced an exciting brand-new range of animated rear lighting, all with specially designed integrated circuitry included and dynamically lit with the latest in LED lighting technology.
There are six new and exciting designs available.

235 and 380 Series
LED Autolamps says it has kept the overall look of the latest 235 and 380 series sequential lamps in line with its same size and style recessed lamp range, providing a seamless integration into existing vehicle or trailer lighting designs already using the series lamps.
These lights measure only 237mm x 19mm and 382mm x 19mm respectively all with only 3mm protrusion from the fitting surface while a super bright rear indicator sequencing in a 1.2-second interval ensures clear direction indication.
LED Autolamps offers its new sequential indicator range in clear or coloured lens options as well as a slimline low-profile configuration for your choice in design applications.

284 Series
Next in the range is the exclusive 284 series rear combination lamps. Intensified by a diffused tail light is a sequential indicator that lights up in a dynamic sequence.
These lamps also offer a stop function as well as a reverse lamp while neatly positioned within the design is an inbuilt reflex reflector; all cleverly blended in one compact unit that measures 284mm x 100mm x 37mm.
These lamps are perfect for small trays or trucks and are suitable to be used with the MFBKT right-angled bracket also offered from LED Autolamps.

355 Series
LED Autolamps says the striking smooth angular lines of the new 355 series lamps will not only enhance your vehicle or trailer but also make you stand out brilliantly.
A diffused tail light located at the top intensifies the effect with extremely bright sequential indicators that light up in a slick, dynamic sequence.
The lamps also come standard with stop/tail/Indicator and reverse functions as well as a purpose inbuilt reflex reflector.
This compact all in one unit measures 355mm x 85mm x 34mm, making it perfect for small trays or trucks and is also well suited for use with the MFBKT right-angled bracket for extra flexibility with fitting.

385 and 520 Series
The flagship of the new range is the new Medium to Large Truck and Trailer 385 and 520 Series Sequential rear combination lamps, which LED Autolamps says will not only look amazing on your vehicle or trailer but also make you shine brighter than everyone else.
The first thing you notice is its sleek black chrome clean lines which are surrounded by the outer ring of the diffused glow of the tail function.
Still, LED Autolamps says the real magic happens when in active mode – intensified by the diffused tail light are the sequential indicators which light up in a dynamic sequence.
Super bright stop, as well as reverse functions, give all road users clear notice of your vehicle’s or trailer’s intentions.
Cleverly hidden by the main lamp is an innovative mounting base, which enables a clean surface mounted finish, with no screws visible.

The lamps are available in two sizes: 387mm x 105mm x 30.5mm as well as the larger size of 520mm x 141mm x 28.5mm.
As well as exceeding the required standards with stringent ECE approvals, LED Autolamps says all these lamps will not only make you stand out from the rest but also ensure your vehicle/trailer is road legal and compliant in all states of Australia.
The low operational current draw of all these lamps reportedly make them perfect for a wide variety of applications and battery system requirements.
Construction consists of hardened acrylic or polycarbonate plastics depending on the application, known for strength durability and UV resistance.
A specially designed resin that is resistant to cracking seals the integrated circuitry against water and dust ingress to strict IP67 testing standards.
At the same time, vibration and impact resistance with no moving parts ensures these products are made fit for purpose and up to any challenge in Australia’s harshest road environments.
The entire range is available in twin retail blister packs with a handy function simulator button included, so your customers can see a sample of the dynamic sequential Indication as well as incredible light output of the diffused tail functions. LED Autolamps says this is an excellent sales feature which is perfect for the aftermarket parts resellers.
LED Autolamps states it takes full control in the design, development and manufacture in producing the lamps so they can confidently offer a five-year warranty.
Further, it says if you want to provide your customers something different that will give you the ‘wow’ factor you are after, then you should check out its website and search for sequential or give them a call.

For more information, visit or call 03 9466 7075.