After a record sales year in 2020, ZF is taking its Oceania business to the next level

The ZF Oceania Leadership Team

Regarded as one of the world’s leading suppliers in the automotive aftermarket, ZF has close to 35 years of local operations servicing the industry right across Australia, New Zealand and the entire Oceania region.
ZF services a diverse customer landscape in over 115 countries, with more than 10,000 workshop partners and over 9,000 employees worldwide.
The business supplies and services original equipment quality technology and components for passenger cars, motorbikes, light trucks, heavy trucks, buses, construction and mining vehicles, plus agricultural equipment, marine and even railway applications.
In Oceania, ZF has its Head Office in Blacktown (NSW), with sales and service representation in four other states as well as New Zealand; employing more than 70 people and working with over 25 service partners.
As a business, ZF says it continues to define and embrace the latest in automotive technology to ensure the automotive aftermarket is future proofed.
“Our Next Generation Mobility strategy underpins all that we do at ZF – to focus on developing and delivering technology solutions to make cars, commercial vehicles and other automotive see, think and act in order to reduce emissions and increase road safety,” ZF in Oceania Managing Director, Mark Lowe, said.
“ZF Aftermarket is the second largest aftermarket organisation worldwide, benefitting from more than 100 years of innovation, technology, expertise and experience in developing OE quality parts.
“Every single product available through ZF Aftermarket is quality tested with the latest equipment for the best possible quality control, ensuring we can keep our customers equipped for their business needs, both today and in the future.”
The company’s range of automotive aftermarket offerings consists of driveline, chassis, steering and braking components from its primary premium brands – ZF, LEMFÖRDER, SACHS and TRW, as well as a broad range of services.

ZF Transmission and Lubricants
ZF is a global technology company suppling systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology, enabling the next generation of mobility.
The group is well known for its extensive range of automotive transmissions which are fitted as original equipment to many different types of passenger vehicles.
These are supported by a range of genuine spare parts for servicing and repair, with ZF carrying stock for up to 15 years after volume production has finished.
Additionally, ZF offers its original equipment transmission lubricants range as an aftermarket product called ZF-Lifeguardfluid for passenger car transmissions, which is available for servicing or replacement for factory-filled fluids.
These synthetic or semi-synthetic lubricants are factory filled on ZF transmissions, having been optimised to reduce friction and therefore fuel consumption, while also promoting the reduction in exhaust emissions.

ZF’s automotive aftermarket consists of a wide range of components from its primary premium brands – ZF, LEMFÖRDER, SACHS and TRW.

LEMFÖRDER Steering and Suspension
ZF Aftermarket’s LEMFÖRDER brand is considered to be one of the top brands in steering and suspension components. Through excellence in engineering, development and testing, it brings the benefits of generations of OE manufacturing expertise and a pioneering spirit to the aftermarket.
Utilised as original-equipment fitments by more than 50 vehicle manufacturers worldwide, the LEMFÖRDER range of steering and chassis components includes stabiliser links, steering arms, idler arms, tie rods, control arms and suspension joints.
Also available are engine mounts, transmission mounts, axle bearings, suspension strut mounts and complete mounting kits.
For all LEMFÖRDER steering parts and chassis components, ZF says only premium materials are used to fulfill the utmost requirements with regard to design and production – for the best possible safety on the road.

SACHS Shock Absorbers and Clutches
Another brand in ZF Aftermarket’s portfolio is SACHS, with premium grade shock absorbers and clutches.
Locally, the SACHS range has over 3,000 shock absorber references, with a combination of mono-tube and twin-tube gas pressurised shock technology throughout the entire range.
Additionally, over 385 strut mounts and bearings and more than 220 bump stop and boot kits are available.
As part of its commitment to the local aftermarket, ZF in Oceania has also launched a standalone range of SACHS shock absorbers for four-wheel-drives, off-road and utility vehicles, known as SACHS MAX.
Designed specifically with Australia’s harsh conditions in mind, the SACHS MAX offering features larger pistons and cylinders, with the increased bore size resulting in shock absorbers that are more durable, while continuing to offer the ultimate in safety.
This big bore design results in a reduction of heat and subsequently an improvement of consistency with heavy loads in rough terrain, especially when towing.
For those looking to enhance their off-road capabilities, the SACHS MAX design allows for vehicle lifts of up to two inches depending on the make and model of the vehicle.
The SACHS clutch catalogue for local applications continues to expand as well, and now numbers over 1,500 components which includes clutch covers and discs, flywheels and clutch release systems, for various applications including buses, agricultural and construction vehicles.

TRW Braking Range
ZF Aftermarket says it is also leading the field with TRW OE quality components for passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles, as well as motorcycles, with products also covering steering and suspension.
The TRW brake program available from ZF in Oceania offers more than 9,000 part numbers, for products including brake pads and discs, as well as companion items like brake hoses, brake fluid, brake grease and brake cleaner.
In recent times, ZF Aftermarket has developed products specifically for the e-Drivetrain market, which has resulted in many new innovations including the TRW Electric Blue brake pad for electric and hybrid vehicles.
Another instance of innovative technology in play is the advanced copper-free COTEC coating applied to the friction material of all TRW brake pads as standard, resulting in shorter stopping distances. The TRW DTEC brake pads take the COTEC-range to the next level, by reducing rim surface dust by up to 45 percent, all while making significantly less noise.
ZF Aftermarket says it also offers a broad range of TRW steering and suspension components, for the complete ‘Corner Module.’

The local ZF team

Local Services
The company has seen significant growth in recent years, with new customers among wholesalers, vehicle and vessel manufacturers, transport companies, public transport authorities, mechanical engineering companies, wind power plant operators, shipping companies, as well as private car owners.
Services provided by ZF in Oceania include a full workshop offering, providing the marketplace with remanufactured components in a variety of formats for different client needs.
Featuring factory trained technicians, the local facilities utilise special diagnostic and test equipment and ZF genuine parts, supported by a ZF remanufacture warranty, while exchange units are available on many popular lines to minimise down times.
ZF also offers a customised training service to customers, major fleet operators, industry associations, as well as its service partner network.
The courses are designed to enhance the understanding of the various products and systems now available, expanding the technical knowledge of participants.

For more information on ZF in Oceania and its family of brands and local service offerings, please visit