Classic style meets modern technology with CSF’s new Oil Cooler for Porsche 911/930 Turbo 1965-1989

As an industry leader in Porsche water performance cooling products, CSF says it strives to build and engineer the most advanced, efficient, and reliable cooling systems in the world, with its new CSF oil cooler being the perfect example.
CSF says that up until its release, there have been no improvements in technologies, features, or any high-performance oil coolers ever introduced to keep up with the advancements in Porsche restoration.
After more than 18 months of research, development, and investment into the perfect oil cooling tube and fin combination, CSF says it has answered the call of Porsche enthusiasts around the world with the introduction of its state-of-the-art 911/930 Turbo right fender oil cooler.
The long-awaited oil cooler features high-performance core technology with a 5mm larger core vs OEM, matched by 15 rows of turbulated tubes, and 16 rows of fins.
The innovative square fin design increases performance and strength due to more surface area contact with the tubes while helps alleviate clogging with no pressure drop.
The new CSF oil cooler maintains the classic design for even the most discerning, concourse-winning restoration customer but also comes packed with innovative modern technologies and features to meet the demands of high horsepower builds with bigger engines, larger turbos, and standalone ECU management systems.
With this world exclusive release for Porsche 911/930 Turbo 1965-1989 models, CSF says it continues to meet enthusiasts’ desires for bespoke cooling solutions.

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