The Burson Equipment team combines vast experience with a true passion for the automotive service industry

Australasia’s largest automotive aftermarket specialised company, BAPCOR, says it is proud to offer its many thousands of trade customers complete end to end support.
BAPCOR says that “just as these customers rely on Burson Auto Parts as their preferred choice for premium quality automotive parts, Burson Equipment has grown to become the one stop destination for workshop consultations, supply, fitment, and the servicing of workshop equipment.”
The Burson Equipment team consists of sixteen specialists located across Australia, who bring the combined benefit of more than 250 years of vast automotive workshop equipment experience to repairers and service centre operators.
A wide range of leading products
Burson Equipment works with the Precision Automotive team, as both companies are part of the BAPCOR Group, to provide workshop equipment solutions for customers’ needs.
Precision Automotive is the importer of many of the world’s best equipment brands that Burson Equipment supplies. These brands include Hunter, Rotary, Autel, Jaltest and Ecotechnics, to name a few.
When it comes to training the team in these brands, Burson and Precision invest heavily to make sure that its specialists understand the product inside and out, while keeping up with the latest ever-changing industry technologies.
Burson Equipment says it only offers products that represent the highest quality, reliability and workplace safety, providing a lifespan that ensures a strong return on each customer’s equipment investment.
As such, this proud Australian company explains that it does not offer workshop equipment based on the lowest cost and the resultant lower quality of such products, preferring to source workshop products from well-established and trusted world leading brands.
It says this ensures Burson Equipment customers can completely trust their recommended equipment choice, supported by a highly trained and nationally accessible Burson Equipment after-sales service team.
Along with the company’s complete workshop equipment product range, Burson Equipment exclusively offers state of the art equipment from two of the global automotive aftermarket industry’s most renowned workshop equipment innovators and manufacturers: the premium quality Hunter wheel service product range and the world-leading automotive hoist inventor and innovator, Rotary.

Hunter’s award-winning research and development team of mechanical, electrical and software engineers is responsible for hundreds of patented and exclusive features that make Hunter wheel service products one of the world’s most productive under car service equipment brands.
Burson Equipment says Rotary is the world’s most trusted vehicle hoist company, setting the benchmark for vehicle hoists with research, development and manufacturing plants located across three continents. It states that Rotary is a dynamic global leader in the vehicle service industry that offers the widest variety of vehicle hoists including Two Post, Four Post, Scissor, Alignment, Inground and Mobile Column lifts.
Burson Equipment also offers the latest Autel and Jaltest diagnostic tool solutions along with the Italian sourced Ecotechnics air conditioning equipment range, ensuring that updating existing workshop equipment, or new automotive workshop turnkey fit-out requirements, can be met no matter what the size or specific vehicle specialisation.
This is particularly important when it comes to updating workshops with the latest specification Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) equipment, with so many passenger cars and commercial vehicles fitted with these high-tech and constantly developing electronic safety systems.
Burson Equipment says that it does not only supply optimum quality ADAS calibration equipment – the Australian company also offers highly experienced consultation with workshop owners and managers.
This relates to the importance of workshop space requirements along with other factors that will ensure the correct recalibration of vehicles with ever more sophisticated ADAS systems.

Comprehensive training for expert advice
It is one thing to offer the world’s leading automotive workshop equipment brands and products, but quite another to be comprehensively trained in the operation, maintenance, and servicing of these products.
Burson Equipment’s emphasis on product training has seen members of its team travel the world to learn everything that there is to know about the latest specification workshop equipment products that it supplies.
Along with visiting manufacturing facilities for factory approved training courses, Burson Equipment often welcomes global equipment manufacturer experts to Australia to conduct staff training that is specific to Australian automotive aftermarket customer requirements.
This also ensures that the Burson Equipment team is updated with technological developments and changes taking place in line with modern automotive vehicle technology.

To this end, several Burson Equipment specialists recently visited the Cojali (manufacturers of Jaltest diagnostic tools) manufacturing plant in Spain to gain the latest factory provided training, along with taking part in a highly detailed training course at the Hunter headquarters in the United States, gaining the company’s highest level of wheel service product training.
Together with international factory certified training, the Burson Equipment team also makes excellent use of their own custom designed three bay training facility located in Brisbane.
Along with being a major staff training asset, this facility is also used to thoroughly test workshop equipment products. Burson Equipment customers are also invited to ‘try before they buy’ to guarantee satisfaction of their purchase when making their new equipment investment.
This exclusive training facility has most recently been used to test Autel ADAS frames along with advanced diagnostics systems, while also providing ongoing training for the Hunter wheel service equipment range, Rotary Lift hoists and many other workshop equipment products.
This facility also ensures that Burson Equipment staff from all over the country can partake of highly specialised product and technology development training.
“The ongoing training of our team ensures that we remain the industry leaders when it comes to technical advice, the correct setting up of equipment, the optimum training of our customers and best supporting the premium quality workshop equipment that we provide,” Burson Equipment General Manager, Peter Hewitt, said.
“By selecting us, all automotive repair and service businesses gain the combined benefits that both BAPCOR equipment business divisions, Burson Equipment and Precision Automotive Equipment, can bring.
“Both divisions have close to 100 team members combined with 40 service vehicles to support the entire Burson Auto Parts store network and to best service our customers at workshops all over Australia.
“We have sites located in every state to ensure proximity to our customers for detailed after sales service and equipment maintenance support.
“It is all about ensuring that our trade customers gain the maximum benefits and return on their premium quality workshop equipment investments.”

These are sentiments that are shared by Burson Equipment National Sales Manager, Alan Dowsett.
“Burson Equipment is there to help the many small businesses that have the very major responsibility to keep Australia moving,” Alan said.
“Our dedicated focus on training ensures that we don’t just sell boxes to our customers, we instil confidence by providing the right equipment solution, be it workshop needs or pain points.
“Once the correct piece of equipment is agreed upon, our team uses superior knowledge gained from extensive training to correctly set up and very importantly train our customers on the operation of their new equipment purchase.
“Having your equipment set up right and your staff competent in the operation of the equipment supports buyer satisfaction and business growth through efficiency. The correct product, training, and ongoing support guarantees workshop owners’ financial prosperity well into the future.
“An example of this is the training that we are receiving in relation to Electric Vehicle (EV) specific requirements, such as new Rotary hoist arm designs to enable battery pack removal along with other developments.
“We can pass this on to our customers to help them prepare to maintain these vehicles as EVs reach independent repairers.
“EVs will still need to be maintained, so this represents another growth opportunity for repairers into the future, along with taking care of the many internal combustion engine cars that will remain on our roads for years to come.”
Doing away with downtime
BAPCOR says that it is important to note that when you deal with Burson Equipment, any equipment maintenance or other downtime is limited as any workshop equipment part requirements or maintenance components can be quickly delivered to your local Burson Auto Parts store and directly to your workshop.
The same applies with after sales service, with a dedicated and mobile Burson Equipment service team ready to assist at any time.
Burson Equipment says you can rest assured its team is “always ready to assist, from the smallest workshops to complete turn-key workshop fit-outs or workshop modernisations, using the highest quality equipment that improves automotive business capabilities and productivity.”

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