VCM Performance is excited to introduce the MPVI3 by HP Tuners

VCM Performance says the MPVI3 by HP Tuners is the fastest and most sophisticated OBDII interface device released to date.
The MPVI3 comes standard with the Pro Feature Set that includes standalone data logging and PROLINK+ compatibility.
“The MPVI3 redefines speed and control limits with faster standalone data logging and two times the storage capacity compared to the previous generation,” VCM Performance Director, Mario Pancione, said.
“It logs runs faster, and you can store more calibrations on your MPVI3, all with the convenience of eliminating your laptop from the equation.”
MPVI3 continues the legacy of its predecessor with features including Bluetooth 5.0, an M8 motorsports-grade screw-on connector, RGB LEDs, and USB-C connectivity (4MB/s).
“Equipped with the most inclusive scanning, logging, and calibration package in the industry, the MPVI3 advanced OBDII interface allows you to connect to your customer’s vehicle’s control modules to the VCM Suite that includes our VCM Scanner and the VCM Editor software,” Mario said.
Once your customer’s vehicle is connected to the VCM Suite, you tweak the tune in VCM Editor to optimise performance, fuel economy and much more with a multitude of defined parameters.
“To get started, we recommend reading your vehicle’s different control modules’ flash memory and saving it as a .HPT file,” Mario said.
“This will allow you to quickly and easily adjust a multitude of parameters, including spark, fuel, RPM limits, fan temps and speeds, transmission shift points and pressures, exhaust valve control and speedometer settings. Then you can write all your changes back to the vehicle using the MPVI3.
“Using the MPVI3, you can license and tune any vehicle currently supported by HP Tuners with the fastest read and write speeds available.”

Used in conjunction with the VCM Scanner, tuners and mechanics can quickly and easily view, chart, and log diagnostic data in real-time via the vehicle’s OBDII diagnostic port allowing the operator to control fans, open/closed loop, gear selection, timing, air-fuel ratio, and much more.
“If you need to view more data with your MPVI3 from a wideband sensor, boost gauge, or other additional sensors, then you should invest in a PROLINK+ cable,” Mario said.
Sold separately, the PROLINK+ cable enables users to wire in and record up to two analogue and one CAN bus signals simultaneously. The MPVI3 is fully compatible with the PROLINK+ cable straight from the box.
“In addition, the VCM Scanner allows the user to read Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), set up standalone data logging, and explore a multitude of special functions, including our unique Gear and Tyre Wizard,” Mario said.
“Built-in VCM controls are also supported.”
From dedicated race cars to tow rigs, off-road machines, next-level street cars, and fuel-efficient daily drivers, Mario says the range of HP Tuners and VCM Performance tuning and diagnostic tools deliver the ultimate solution for workshops that value accuracy, efficiency, and performance.

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