The company says it offers “the world’s best ute tub liners”

For those who live by the mantra “work hard, play hard,” the wear and tear on your ute and equipment can be relentless.
Rhino Linings says it is the pioneer of sprayed-applied protective coatings designed to make your vehicles withstand the daily beatings with advanced protection that resists chemicals, shrugs off abrasion and impact, and forms an impenetrable barrier against rust and corrosion.
“Whether you’re investing in a new ute or seeking to extend the life of your existing one, Rhino’s spray-applied ute tub liners offer a proven and unparalleled solution,” Rhino Linings Australia Marketing Manager – Australasia, Lance Meredith, said.
“From grille guards and bumpers to rocker panels and sidesteps, Rhino’s commitment to providing the highest level of impact, abrasion, and corrosion resistance is unwavering.
“Since 1988, Rhino Linings has solidified its reputation as the world’s leader in sprayed-on truck/ute tub liners, a brand synonymous with quality and durability. Trusted by customers globally, Rhino Linings is the go-to choice for those who demand the best.”
Unlike plastic drop-in ute tub and truck tub liners or other sprayed-on products, Rhino Linings says it sets itself apart with professionally sprayed tub liners that offer the highest levels of corrosive resistance.
“The Rhino advantage extends beyond protection; our liners are guaranteed not to rip, crack, or tear, providing a level of durability that surpasses the competition,” Lance said.
Rhino Linings products, technology, and application techniques originated in the USA, initially developed for the automotive industry to safeguard utes, light commercial vehicles, and trailers.
“Today, Rhino Linings’ premium protective coatings continue to be the preferred choice of thousands worldwide,” Lance said.
“Our specialised formulations, practical experience, knowledge, and exceptional customer service converge to create TUFF STUFF, the world’s most recognised and superior sprayed-on tub liner.”
Nationwide Lifetime Warranty
Rhino Linings takes pride in offering a Nationwide Lifetime Warranty on its Tuff Stuff ute tub liners.
“This warranty, coupled with Rhino Linings’ strict monitoring of work standards, ensures that users experience long-term benefits that are not only substantial but also backed by a guarantee of quality,” Lance said.
“For those seeking the pinnacle of protection for their vehicles, Rhino Linings stands tall as the world’s best, setting the standard for excellence in sprayed-on tub liners.
“Explore the Rhino Linings National Lifetime Warranty and connect with your local Rhino Linings Applicator today for a firsthand experience of superior protection and durability.”

For more information, visit or call 1300 887 780.