Selecting the correct hoists for lifting Four-Wheel Drive vehicles isn’t just about getting the lifting capacity correct

Interequip explains that if you are buying a 4.5 tonne capacity hoist and lifting a 4-tonne vehicle it could still fall outside of the hoist’s design parameters. This could lead to premature wear in a best-case scenario and a fallen vehicle in a worst-case scenario.
As such, it is important to understand where the centre of gravity is of the vehicles you intend to lift. An example might be a four-wheel drive ute with a tool tray body full of tools. The weight bias is rearwards, so a symmetrical arm design is very important and so too is ensuring the hoist is capable of lifting an off centre weighted vehicle.
For this reason, it may be worth considering a five tonne two post hoist when lifting a four tonne vehicle. The post and carriage structure is designed to cope with heavier vehicles and a symmetrical arm design will ensure a more stable lift, says Interequip.
Interequip is the sole Australian importer of the Powerrex range of heavy duty two post lifts. It says these lifts are unique in that they are constructed of six millimetre thick steel.
The Powerrex range is available in either four or five tonne capacity and in an extended height version. A new version is also on the way which complies with Australian standards at 4.5t lift capacity.
Interequip says the Korean made hoist has been a very popular choice in Australia for the past 20 years and that the SL2900 four tonne range and the SL25 five tonne range have long been “the professional’s choice.”
Interequip also imports a range of four and five tonne lifting capacity hoists from what it calls “a more cost effective supplier” which is also available in extended height configuration, stating that the BulletPro JL35A-M and the BulletPro JL50 hoists are a great economical alternative.
The company also says the ‘real’ heavy lifter is its six tonne extended height two post lift from Real. With a maximum height of 5.5 metres, this hoist is capable of lifting a 3.3m high roofed vehicle to a full two metres. Each arm has a maximum radius of over 1800 mm making a total arm spread of 3.6 metres. This gives the flexibility of the vehicle placement on the hoist ensuring even a four-wheel drive with a heavy rearward weight bias can be safely lifted.
Interequip says the entire range is in stock and available for immediate delivery and all hoists comply with Australian standards.

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