Climax Suspension has custom suspension systems to suit your individual needs

There’s nothing worse than getting your 4WD wagon ready for touring, then finding out once you’ve loaded up and hooked up the caravan, your suspension is not coping.
The front is sagging from your new bar, winch and lights, and the rear is struggling to provide a good ride and, let’s face it, you really aren’t happy with how it’s coping with the caravan.
Climax Suspension says you should forget ‘one system suits all’ solutions, as it has spent the last 20 years fine-tuning custom suspension systems to suit your vehicle and your individual needs.
It says its top-of-the-range suspension systems are put together with high quality components; as it knows that quality and reliability count when you are out on the road and far from a convenient workshop.
Many of Climax Suspension’s setups use the best names in the business, it says, such as Koni or Bilstein shock absorbers and its own custom-designed Climax coil springs or King coils.
Climax Suspension says these combinations together with taking the time to assess your vehicle and requirements, ensure you get a superb ride both loaded and unloaded, while addressing any height issues that may be attributed to incorrect coil rates.
All kits fitted by Climax are measured before and after, so it can log them in its database. Climax Suspension says these details ensure it can give you the best, and most accurate, outcome when you purchase and fit one of its touring systems. Plus, years down the track, it can pick up any changes or adjustments that you need, based on your current system’s history.
If great handling, reliability, comfort and safety are important to you and your customers, Climax Suspension encourages you to offer a top-of-the-line Climax Touring System today and experience the difference.

For Trade and Dealer enquires, call Climax Suspension on 02 4966 8668.