From The Ultimate Suspension

The Ultimate Suspension, which states it is a renowned player in the automotive suspension industry, has taken a significant step by expanding its product offerings.
In partnership with HDi, it says it now presents ‘The Ultimate Cooling Systems,’ a line of top-tier Charged Air (Turbo) and Transmission Cooling solutions.
This collaborative effort is focused on enhancing engine efficiency and improving mileage, embodying The Ultimate Suspension’s commitment to elevating both vehicle performance and longevity.
The integration of HDi’s intercoolers and transmission coolers with The Ultimate Suspension’s expertise results in a comprehensive automotive solution.
With both companies boasting over 25 and 42 years of experience in their respective domains, the parties state this synergy brings forth a wealth of knowledge and advanced technology.
The goal is to ensure precise regulation of transmission fluid temperatures, ultimately leading to increased fuel efficiency and an extended transmission lifespan.
By incorporating HDi high fin-density GT2 cores, these cooling solutions effectively dissipate heat, ensuring efficient cooling with minimal pressure drop.
This innovative design empowers engines to maintain peak performance, resulting in reduced operating temperatures, heightened power output, improved throttle response, and enhanced engine efficiency across a broad RPM range.

The intercooler, a critical component, cools compressed air before it enters the engine’s intake system, thereby enhancing air density and overall engine performance.
The intricacies of intercooler design demand a careful balance of factors such as flow volume, air velocity, turbo compression ratio, exhaust pressure, fin density, surface area, and application-specific considerations to optimise performance without introducing turbo lag or shifting the power curve.
The Ultimate Suspension says this is the reason it collaborates with HDi, because both companies are focused on the customer’s net gain, as state of the art technology in R&D and manufacturing processes are used. Also, it states the experience in the field offers priceless value for customers.
Furthermore, The Ultimate Cooling System range of HDi transmission coolers showcases advanced cooling technology, emphasising key features like the unique highly efficient 50mm 28-rows oil cooler design, secure AN8 fittings, durable braided lines, and precise fitment facilitated by billet CNC adaptors and one-piece stainless steel bracket.
These transmission coolers play a pivotal role in extending the lifespan of transmissions by minimising heat-related damage, underscoring the shared commitment of The Ultimate Suspension and HDi to provide durable and efficient cooling solutions that guarantee optimal performance and longevity for your vehicle.
As such, The Ultimate Suspension says The Ultimate Cooling System stands as a trusted partner for delivering high-performance cooling systems for a diverse range of vehicles.

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