FRAM Filters offers a premium performance range for a number of performance engine specifications

FRAM has more than 88 years of experience, research and development which it says makes it a market leader in filter technology.
Filpro Automotive says that the FRAM Racing Filter range is a further addition to the quality of the globally renowned brand.
Racing engines or engines for high performance passenger cars require unique oil filters to meet the demands of these vehicles. Filpro explains that the FRAM Racing Filter range provides maximum performance on the street or on the track.
Designed to provide superior high performance engine protection, FRAM Racing Filters are compatible with all engine oil formulations and use precision filtration for optimal performance for both racing, and high-performance street cars.
The Racing Filters are designed with low-restriction racing media, providing high oil flow to maintain lubrication of moving metal surfaces and to meet the demands of racing conditions.
The filter media reportedly features 94 percent efficiency at 20 microns (FRAM Group testing of average filter efficiency of HP3, HP8, HP17, HP20 under ISO 4548-12 for particles greater than 20 microns), for exceptional engine protection.
Filpro further explains that oil pressure levels in racing and performance engines can also far exceed that of the on-road daily driver.
This added pressure requires the Racing Filters to be made with a heavy-gauge tapping plate and an outer casing made from extra-thick steel (thicker than a standard oil filter) to withstand high pressure flexing from challenging operating conditions.
A spiral-shaped centre tube and tough steel end caps protects against filter collapse; whilst the added screen-over 22psi filter bypass valve, gives greater engine protection against larger contaminants.
Extensively used throughout NASCAR racing in the United States, and with applications to fit various vehicle makes and models, including many classic and current high performance drag and circuit racing engines, Filpro says FRAM Racing Filters have been designed and manufactured to offer a premium quality, premium performance and racing engine filtration product option for racing enthusiasts, high performance vehicle technicians and racing teams.
The range coverage includes a wide number of performance engine specifications including GM, Ford, Chrysler, Nissan and Honda engines, including GM LS1 and LS6.

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