With ZF LifeguardFluid Oils

The requirements on modern vehicles are incredibly demanding and constantly increasing. The same can be said of transmission oils.
In modern transmissions, oil is a “component” that needs to match a number of transmission functions and materials as closely as possible to maximise the performance of the system.
Available through ZF Services Australia is the
range of high-performance ZF LifeguardFluid transmission oils, specifically designed to meet the complex requirements of modern systems.
The ZF transmission oils are developed in conjunction with individual transmissions and specially-adapted to match their specific requirements.
Containing a matched combination of high-quality base oil and special additive packages, the ZF LifeguardFluid oils guarantee excellent lubrication and friction properties even under extreme operating conditions.
Specifically made for use in ZF transmissions, the revolutionary product extends the service life of the transmission, aids to produce the highest level of shift comfort, reduces wear on components and helps to minimise transmission failure and general malfunctions.
Careful consideration while choosing oils for passenger cars can prove highly valuable in the long run, with the right oil offering a number of benefits including reduced fuel consumption, lower CO2 emissions and a more reliable package over the vehicle’s life.
Under normal driving conditions, the transmission oil should last a vehicle’s entire life cycle, but vehicles can age prematurely due to excessive loads, such as frequent towing, or quick, sporty driving.
Therefore ZF, recommends than an oil change is performed after 100,000 kilometres, or eight years for passenger cars.

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