Now available from Burson Equipment

Burson Equipment says it is pleased to introduce the “world’s fastest” two post hoist from Rotary, one of the world’s leading hoist designers and manufacturers.
The Rotary Shockwave SP0A10 Series workshop hoist sets a new benchmark in lift capacity, durability, speed and efficiency for Australian general automotive and collision repairers, says Burson Equipment.
Featuring a 4,500kg lift capacity and a lift and descent rate that is around double the speed of standard workshop hoists (25 second raise time and 19 second descent time), the Rotary Shockwave SP0A10 Series workshop hoist represents a massive leap forward in hoist design and technology.
Burson Equipment explains the speed and efficiency of the Rotary Shockwave SP0A10 hoist is achieved due to Rotary’s Patent pending DC power system that is charged through a 240 Volt electrical connection – thereby also not requiring three phase power.
This state of the art workshop hoist from Burson Equipment also features low profile TRIO load arms that offer three stages of flexibility in each two piece arm. This is another clever Rotary hoist design enhancement to easily and safely activate vehicle lifts regardless of the size or design of the vehicle chassis.
The Rotary Shockwave SP0A10 Series hoist also includes the company’s trademarked Spotline motion activated laser system that assists in ensuring that vehicles are centrally positioned on the hoist quickly and accurately the first time.
The inclusion of baseplate covers tops a list of features that make the Rotary Shockwave SP0A10 Series workshop hoist from Burson Equipment the logical solution for upgrading older, higher power consuming and slower vehicle hoists, or for the fitting out of new automotive and panel repair workshops, says Burson Equipment.
Burson Equipment can also offer affordable finance options to upgrade your workshop hoists to the latest technology, while also providing dedicated after sales support from the company’s nationally located team of Burson Equipment specialists.

To find out more about this and any other automotive workshop equipment requirements, call 1300 BURSON (287 766) or visit your local Burson Auto Parts store to find out more.