The award-winning Bracketeer Vehicle Fire Extinguisher Bracket is available in Australia

Having a fire extinguisher within easy reach, in a consistent location, is an important safety addition to any vehicle.
Usually when you are fitting a fire extinguisher to your vehicle you will need to fabricate a custom bracket to mount it safely and securely.
The Bracketeer is a Patented universal adjustable bracket that can be fitted between your seat rails, either by using the clamping mounts or through the holes direct to the seat mounting bolts.
The Bracketeer was founded by car enthusiast and modifier Simon Wehr. Starting from a one-off handmade fire extinguisher bracket for his 2011 SS Camaro, Simon posted images of his creation on a car forum to share as a DIY idea.
It was so embraced by Camaro owners that the concept quickly evolved into a business, with orders flowing in from around the world.
The overnight success prompted the idea for a truly universal bracket that could achieve a secure installation, quickly and easily in nearly any modern or classic vehicle, and so The Bracketeer Automotive Universal Bracket was born.
It is said to be simple and safe with no drilling of holes or modifying the vehicle in any way required. It is constructed with Grade 50 A572 steel and supplied with all stainless-steel fasteners and hex keys necessary for quick installation in around 10 minutes.
It is easily transferable between vehicles and with more than 16,000 units sold, it is said to be the number one selling car fire extinguisher bracket in the world.
Vehicle fires are more common than you might think and Simon says the Bracketeer is “a small investment for the added safety and security it delivers.”

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