NTK says its expanded EGTS range helps reduce harmful emissions

NTK says it is excited to announce the launch of 27 new part numbers, seriously bolstering its range of Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (EGTS).
High quality, accurate and hardwearing Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors play a critical role in the performance of late model vehicles. They monitor the temperature of the exhaust gas, sending vital information back to the ECU to ensure that the exhaust gas cleaning components achieve optimal conversion rates.
“Modern exhaust after treatment systems require strict control in regard to efficiency and component protection,” NGK Spark Plugs Australia Senior Product Manager, James Filshie, said.
“EGTS monitor temperatures in a wide variety of components including turbochargers, catalytic converters, diesel particle filters and nitrogen oxide reduction systems.
“The information they capture is used to maintain the optimal operating exhaust temperature and to protect against potential temperature overload.”
As the world’s largest Oxygen Sensor manufacturer, NTK says it has applied both its technical prowess and innovative manufacturing techniques to quickly expand its Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors range.
“We are proud to lead the way when it comes to manufacturing a variety of automotive sensors,” James said.
“Our range of Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors are designed to perform in the most extreme conditions, making them the only choice for fitment before turbochargers, the hottest and most demanding location for any EGTS.”
In addition to protecting engine components, Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors are responsible for maintaining optimal engine performance. A faulty EGTS will not only compromise engine performance, but can also increase the volume of harmful gasses a vehicle releases into the atmosphere.
“All NTK Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors are manufactured as OE parts,” James said.
“Our Sensors use temperature resistant elements that cover a range from -40°C up to 900°C to deliver optimum performance across an extreme range of conditions.”
NTK says a close investigation of its Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor range reveals that they also offer exceptional resistance to vibrations and fast activation, which when combined assists in lowering toxic emissions.

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