The Valeo Group’s innovation strategy aims at reducing CO2 emissions and enabling autonomous driving

The challenge for Valeo Service Africa and Overseas has been to reconcile increasing market demand and the need to reduce its impact on the environment, by reducing CO2 emissions through its direct deliveries offers, shortening distances and cutting packaging needs.
Since 2017, Valeo says it has gone further by supporting Reforest’Action, whose mission is to conserve, restore and plant forests worldwide as part of a genuine, sustainable response to climate and biodiversity while interlinking them with local socio-economic issues.
Forest restoration is vital for the future, as forests are the first land-based carbon sink, where 80 percent of land-based biodiversity is found, enabling 25 percent of the world population to meet their needs.
By the end of 2021, with its new projects in the Ivory Coast, South Africa and Australia, Valeo Service Africa and Overseas will have contributed to the plantation of 15,200 trees.
The new Australian project is located in the Northern Rivers region, New South Wales.
Reforest’Action in partnership with Permaculture Design Action is creating a nurse forest on abandoned pastureland. Led by a new generation of on-the-ground farming communities, the project pursues environmental and social objectives.
On the one hand, it aims to develop local biodiversity by planting more than fifty species (such as mango, jackfruit, lemon caviar, macadamia, ficus, eucalyptus, Australian red cedar), most of which are endemic.
On the other hand, it will reportedly contribute to strengthening the intergenerational social link within a local farming community, through the plantations, long-term monitoring of the project and the training of groups from various backgrounds in agro ecological techniques.
Valeo Service Africa and Overseas says that for its team, thinking ahead means understanding the fundamental trends of the market by creating the conditions for reasoned and shared growth in order to preserve the planet and give customers quality solutions – a process participating in the idea of sustainable economic development.
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Image credit: Reforest’Action