The new OmegaLift three in one car dolly set is available from Shinn Fu Australia

Shinn Fu Australia’s 3-in-1 Car Dollies are perfect for freely moving vehicles in crowded workshops and garages. Being especially useful for cars needing to be relocated urgently, regardless of the vehicle’s condition such as the suspension or the tyres removed.
The car dolly set comes out of the box pre-built for quick start up. The box contains two dollies (one pair).
The car dolly is designed to ease the movement and storage of vehicles. Like typical car dollies, it has a platform that supports a vehicle’s wheel.
In addition, it has an integrated stand that can be set up without the use of any tools that can support a vehicle by its frame or pinch weld too.
This allows the same set of dollies to be used both under vehicles with wheels or with vehicles that have had their wheels removed.
When not in use they can be safely stored away by stacking each dolly on top of each other with its specially designed build.
It has been designed for smooth flat floors only, typically in workshops and garages. Avoid rolling over bumps and cracks to prevent sudden shock loads.

• Holds vehicle: by the wheel, by the pinch weld or by the frame
• No adapters required
• Integrated frame adapters
• Locking casters
• No tools required – comes pre-built
• Adapter secured with pins
• Self-stacking design for convenient storage
• Sold in one pair (two dollies)
Product Specifications:
• Working Load Limit: 900kg/dolly
• Caster Diameter: 100mm
• Minimum Size: 520mm x 352mm x 178mm
• Maximum Size: 520mm x 352mm x 352mm

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