Black Ops Offroad says this is the most explosive 4×4 throttle controller in the world

After many months of research, development, and testing, Black Ops Offroad says it is excited to launch its newest product, Throttle Grenade.
The goal of the development team was to create for 4WDers a superior alternative to the currently available throttle controllers, which they described as outdated and generic.
The company says it has created the most technologically advanced and user friendly 4×4 throttle controller on the market.
Throttle Grenade was developed with a state-of-the-art dual 32bit chipset, which is four times faster than its rivals. This innovative technology has allowed Black Ops to calibrate the Throttle Grenade to specifically upgrade the offroad capabilities of 4×4 vehicles.
This throttle controller includes several features that make it stand out in the market. It has an LED user interface with Throttle boost gauge and easy to navigate 4×4 modes.
It also has an intelligent light sensitive controller display with automatic brightness and a lightning speed USB cable that offers easy install and faster processing.
The braided CPU harness is tough and long lasting, and there is a simple five-minute plug and play installation.
Offroad specific modes and special features have been integrated into the Throttle Grenade in order to enhance the performance of 4×4 vehicles.
The CRAWL mode has been calibrated for crawling, flexing, winching, wet road conditions, advanced hill climbs/descents, and self/assisted recovery.
It has been engineered to accurately dampen the throttle response. The SAND and MUD mode has been calibrated for sand/mud/snow terrains, water crossings, and performance on road driving. It reportedly offers enhanced throttle response parameters for sand and mud driving.
The OFFROAD mode is designed for steep rut-free hill climbs, on and off-road towing, performance offroad driving, and snatching.
The XPLODE mode enhances the response, acceleration, and performance. The ANTI THEFT mode provides extra security by disarming the vehicle’s throttle.
There’s also a grenade launcher feature that gives an instant boost to the 4×4’s throttle response and capabilities.
Throttle Grenade retails for $349 with free shipping Australia wide. Black Ops Offroad says it is backed by a market leading three-year product replacement warranty and a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Throttle Grenade is available online at and through selected 4×4 distributors and resellers.